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  1. I've been using the Blue Snowball for quite a while now and have been experiencing problems lately... When I use the discord and there is a noise or even out of nowhere, the mic stops picking up or it doesn't get recognized and I get a (This USB Device Can not be found, try replugging it.) I can't find many threads that can help me and was wondering if someone could help, thanks. Keep in mind the USB device not recognized only occurs sometimes, most of the time the mic just freezes until replugged and it happens every couple of minutes to every couple of seconds.
  2. I only need the internet and an agent told me that when your plan runs out (Like 1 year no contract is 30 bucks for 60Mbps) you can switch to another plan with the same 1 year no contract for 50 bucks for 100Mbps every single time a year runs out. Also planning on buying my own router.
  3. I'm using Cat5e, it's like 5 ft long. Also, the only other plans are satellite and are 10-20 Mbps faster. Is xfinity that bad?
  4. I mean Comcast seems to be the only thing I can go for since it's cable and the rest are sattelite. Could upgrading my modem improve my ping ?
  5. Also, it's odd though that my wifi performs far better than my ethernet. Any ideas why ?
  6. I'm in Delran, NJ. Do you know any websites to find out all the plans in my area?
  7. No one else in my family plays games, at most maybe roblox haha. The only plan that is in my area from verizon is DSL which is 7.1-15mbps download. Using a GT784WNV from Actiontec. And even right now, my little sister is using a mac watching yt, and my other sister is using discord. I don't see how that could really affect my ping. It's still the same when someone watches Netflix, nothing changes. My mother won't switch plans as she thinks Xfinity is a scam because the prices are so cheap .-.
  8. I don't think that's the problem, other people in my family get ping spikes but it's not as much. Maybe up to 80-100 which I am completely fine with.
  9. Hi, for the past 5 months or so, I've been getting insane ping spikes and it's becoming unbearable. I'm on summer break and can't even enjoy playing games like CS-GO without my ping staying at 50-150-500-1200-1600 that's how it always is, even in other games and then I always lag out. I'm using cat 5e as I don't think cat6 will do any different and changing DNS servers doesn't really change anything. I called my ISP and they said everything was fine with my internet SPEED but completely overlooked the reason I called, the random ping spikes. The only way I have fun during my times alone is
  10. As would I but I don't think the i5 8600k would be an immense bottleneck considering he is playing games at high-ultra settings. It would be pointless if he was playing a game such as minecraft.
  11. The i3 8350k might bottleneck the 2080ti. Use the i7 8700k.
  12. Alright, thank you man. Still open to suggestions if anyone else is reading this comment.
  13. It's been like this for a couple of months now.
  14. Yeah I just googled only a bit and after typing in 3 random things one of the tabs wouldn't even load. How can I change this, also using a modem, not a router.
  15. I hate this. Whenever I play a game like Fortnite, I experience ping spikes from 10-20 then it sky rockets to 400-1100. Absolute bullshit. I've had this issue for months now but never had I thought about coming to the LTT forums for some help. I'm using the slowest internet where I live unfortunately which is Verizon DSL. 7.1-15 Mbps download and my upload is like 0.70 so... The problem is I'm averaging around 20 ping whenever I run a speed test and it never goes much more higher than that. I only experience these problems in games. Does anyone have a solution? Also using Cloud flare's D