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  1. Can i conclusively say that my hdd is going bad?
  2. Hi.. I recently bought 27 144hz monitor (Still can cancel) at a discounted price.. i thought it was a good deal since at first I’m just trying to score a 27 inch 75hz monitor.. But then it struck me that i only use a 1660 gpu which doesn’t have the power to deliver the 144hz.. So i would like to know whether it will affect my experience if i play with low fps on 144hz monitor? I’m a noob in this regard so can someone explain..
  3. Hi.. I’m kinda of noob when it comes to pc so which port should i put the gpu cable? I’ve put the cpu on the far right port is it correct?
  4. Hi.. Im currently using the 1660 and right now i can get the rtx 2060 super for about $330.. Maybe it’s on sale or something.. The question is that whether the price will drop any further upon the release on new gpus or that’s about it and i should just get it now?
  5. Help me decide between the two.. Price about the same so could go for either..
  6. I’m buying new monitor and since my old one is busted. I left it for quite sometime due to quarantine and now some part of it become like misty-ish as if there water mist inside of it.. So which one is better? I mainly use for editing and gaming if i have the time.. https://www.samsung.com/sg/monitors/led-sr350/ https://www.philips.com.my/c-p/241V8_93.amp/lcd-monitor
  7. Building a pc.. Im moving from laptop so I’m not sure which one is better or are they both the same?
  8. Yeah I wish I have the budget to build that.. Sadly nope..
  9. Mostly just 1080p and I don’t think it will change in the next couple of years.. I’m living in Malaysia and my budget for the pc would be around 650-700usd.. As for the peripherals, I have all those things..
  10. One last thing..I’m not sure which one to get for the psu Fsp hydro gd 550 or the cx550.. the fsp is slightly cheaper with better efficiency rating..
  11. Haha okay thank.. I’ll keep in mind bout the case.. Not sure if i can get it though. Hahha okay got it.. Loud n clear.. I’ll stay away from those and go for the ryzen.
  12. Haha.. its that bad huh? Though I read somewhere that the iGPU will help with premiere and stuff..
  13. Ok.. I’ll go for opt a.. As for the cable mgt I’m going for the cheapest case i can get so let see how well it will go ?
  14. Oh okay then.. The opt C is just there because I’m enticed with the included monitor,keyboard and mouse. Enticed with the idea of selling those items for extra cash lol..