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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 2600@ 4.1 Ghz ~1.31v
  • Motherboard
    Asus Prime B450 Plus
  • RAM
    16GB 3133Mhz CL14 Corsair Vengeance
  • GPU
    Asus RTX 2060 Dual OC +105Mhz Clock +798mhz Memory
  • Case
    Some old weird cube
  • Storage
    500GB Samsung Evo 750 + 1TB WesternDigital
  • PSU
    CoolerMaster Masterwatt 600W
  • Display(s)
    Acer XF270H 144hz + crappy Asus 70hz (OC) monitor
  • Cooling
    Dark Rock 4
  • Sound
    Teufel E 400 digital
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 64bit

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  1. Stock Ryzen 2600 in a rather old case , stock cooler : Idle ~45°C , gaming 80°C , Cinebench 94°C Stock cooler is not awesome at all. Only used it cause I had to wait for my aftermarket one to arrive. Make sure to really have Auto OC , and any PBO deactivated.
  2. Well, I can't complain about the B450 Prime Plus. Never failed me, good Bios with enough settings to tweak, and can handle my CPU OC as well as my RAM OC just fine.
  3. You can consider a score of around 3550 +- 100 good for a Ryzen 5 3600. Cinebench can fluctuate a lot by just minor background operations. Many people doing and posting their CB scores have already overclocked the CPU or played with the settings of their RAM to squeeze out more performance / beefy cooler and stuff. The allcore boost without any OC is pretty dependant on temperature and ends around 3.9-4.0 Ghz on the non x version with sufficient cooling. A fresh windows install and updated driver/bios are always recommended. I couldn't even use my PC with my old windows install af
  4. I would suggest sth like 380€ VB , so you'll probably end up near 300-350 depending on your capability to negotiate :P. 300 for the whole combo is a bit less so you'll probably get turned down and VB always attracts more people ;D 8600k + z370 are already about 250-280€ plus a beefy cooler and some decent Ram. It's a potent setup esp. for gaming, so..
  5. You might mean SOC- Voltage but that is rather for stabilizing Ram overclocks and not a CPU Overclock. With Ryzen it's pretty simple. Deactivate all the Powersaving stuff and then just play with the Multiplier and Voltage until you reached any of the already mentioned limits. No other setting really plays a role then in overclocking the CPU. To be absolutely clear - I do not recommend that but - stabilizing your overclock requires you to add more Core Voltage. That's your answer.
  6. You want more while already getting an error? Your overclock is unstable. Needs more Vcore to eventually get stable plus your temperatures are already quite high. Unfortunately your Vcore ( CPU voltage ) is already very high. So I guess the only way is to get better cooling in hope that stabilizes it , or reduce clockspeed -> then you probably can reduce voltage -> that will result in lower temperature.
  7. And overseen this too...damn it's too hot in my flat.. Thanks for pointing out.
  8. Totally overseen this. Idle temperatures dont matter unless they are exceptionally high. What matters is the temperature under normal day use, and under full - benchmark (r20/r15) load...
  9. Exactly what I wanted to write just now. :'D Good I discovered that before starting to type
  10. Guess you already reached the point where you'd need a massive amount of additional voltage to get more clockspeed out of the CPU. And on top it doesn't really matter how good your temps are , high voltage / too high voltage is not good for the cpu. If your CPU runs at (imagination) 40°C under full load with 1.5v that's still bad. Having reached these numbers CPU and RAM wise I'd already consider lucky and very solid.
  11. I'd recommend this. Pretty juicy balance of performance, quality, price. You even have some spare money to get a higher quality cooling solution for the CPU. Improving thermals and performance is always a nice thing.
  12. Now if you want help, you might need to put a question anywhere what exactly you're looking for...
  13. Can't say anything bad about Hynix as well. Thought "shit" at first too , but runs smoothly with the ryzen 2600, even overclocked to 3133mhz cl14
  14. Try reducing graphic settings and get as much fps ingame as possible, see if that improves it. Maybe you get small drops to 60fps or lower that cause this. Otherwise you could try , i think its called adaptive sync , in nvidia control panel. See if that works.