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  • Birthday Nov 01, 2005

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    Memes, games, PC hardware,tech, coding, Joji songs, anime titties.
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    A retarded Indian kid who spends all his day studying, gaming, watching Filthy Frank vids which I've watched hundreds of times before, listening to Joji and pink guy, watching memes, making memes(had a IG page, took a break for sometime from that)
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    School Student


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    I3 3210
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    Some cheap h61 board from a company named Mercury
  • RAM
    1x 4gb ddr3
  • GPU
    Intel HD 2500
  • Case
    Some micro atx case from a company called zebiom I got for $10
  • Storage
    120gb sata SSD, 500gb Hard disk
  • PSU
    600 watt Corsair 80+ white
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    AOC E970Sw 1366x768 60hz
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    Windows 7
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    Oppo A12, 4gb/64gb variant

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  1. Maison ikkoku is underestimated and underrated

  2. According to my experience, some hard disk also slow down according to age, how old are your HDDs?
  3. So a few months ago I found this video which is about some paranormal activity happening in NFSMW 2005 But here's the thing, that guy kept the game open for 7 days, that's equals to 168 hours, and I can't afford to pay the electric bills after keeping my PC on for such a long time, so I asked about this on discord servers related to NFS, well nobody wanted to keep their PC on for 168 hours, so all I got was theories of what might have caused it to happen, and the only believable one was from a mod developer saying "The game engine might have been freaking out as it was running f
  4. That's a lot of hustle and bustle
  5. But I also have scan hand written answers, for which I need a scanner and I don't have one, so the only way I can scan them is using my phone's camera
  6. Well basically they send a Google classroom link to us vis whatsapp, and you gotta join that class room and wait there should be a link uploaded there to the form, you can actually use your computer if you have a scanner, as some questions require you to send pdf if written answers, and it's quicker for me to do that in my phone
  7. I have a 4 gigs of RAM, and I don't fucking care about saving RAM,my academic results hold more value to me, it's fucking stupid, Troublesome, and made me Fucking fail my physics exam, they don't even have an option to turn it off
  8. Ya, but Google forms don't work too well in other browsers
  9. Got an exam in 1 hour and I forgot to revise 2 out of 4 chapters that are in the syllabus1503373494_images-2021-07-12T093401_321.jpeg.06a7367a18eb818e711270654a7cee5e.jpeg


  10. So, since the last few months chrome in my android phone has been discarding and reloading tabs, whenever you switch to another app or another tab, chrome totally fucking reloads the whole stuff, well this may seem a feature to reduce the unnecessary RAM eating, but it's actually causing serious troubles, last Friday, I was giving an online exam from my phone, it was a physics exam, and I usually kept switching to the calculator on my phone, and as it was an MCQ exam, reloading the stuff, removes all the answers I have given, causing me to write again, so for the first time when I switched bac
  11. At 2:57 she literally says "even doom 64" and the only way to play doom 64 on PC is using an emulator which is somewhat illegal.
  12. So this guy is called Manfred Lorenz, he is the developer of a yr creepypasta n64 game named catastrophe crow, but just like any other creepy pasta, it's all made up bullshit and the game never existed and was recently made by the people who started this arc just like sonic exe, so if you're interested go look up for the game's name on YT, but the thing is, this guy isn't the devloper of the game, but who is this? And he kinda looks familiar
  13. I meant the material and built, of the product, it felt like holding the dryest plastic brick in the world, and the buttons were really hard to press a d annoying, especially the dpad, it was really thin and all connected, if your fingers were thin enough to keep on them properly, then you may not have the strength to push it down.