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  1. No the PCI E pins, in the image they sent, they highlighted those with a orange line, they look a bit damaged but I couldn't see them in the image you have uploaded to Imgur for low image quality issues
  2. Ngl, the I tried to zoom in the photo you provided and the quality is not that good so I couldn't compare, in the image they sent, the pins look damaged
  3. Well recently a guy I know got his GTX 1050ti's warranty rejected by gigabyte. They said that there may have been some fault in the system, they couldn't find something (I don't remember it was some sort of code/no.) On their database. When he argued they rudely replied that they won't be able to help if they didn't found the no. And the most common reason of not being able to find that is that the product is stolen or has been imported from any other country. They called him a week later showing that the card was marked as unsold in their database. He tried to meet the retailer who had kept h
  4. any other info you can provide such as what games in what resolution you want to play, or the other parts in your pc (the processor and psu wattage is enough) and most importantly how much money you can spend?
  5. I have the dvd version from 2008, so its not a remaster and runs in 35-50 fps, sometimes goes over 60
  6. well I am under 16 and the best I can do is archive all the political content(even tho I dont have any political content on my page, the political content i have created are as collabs in other pages, and i only just helped them in editing, I only have one "yeh pubg wala hai kya" meme on my page), if matter seems worse I shall try temporarily disabling my page.
  7. Damn, I run a memepage in Instagram and I've collabed with other memepages which parodies right wingers or bhakts and makes fun of both bhakts(right wing) and liberals(left wingers), am I in trouble?
  8. Idk it runs fine, I'm talking about the 2008 version not the remaster. But the NFS games I'm talking about came out back when I was born
  9. Welcome to India where the eBay(eBay.in) has been bought by another company to reduce competition and the customs charge 100-250$ "tax"(bribe) to release a 8$ product
  10. I really cant afford a upgrade right now, the stocks in India are now low and the price is high, the 1660 super now costs as much as rtx 2060 costed 3-4 months ago
  11. well I was thinking about playing doom 3, nfs most wanted etc.
  12. what bout burnout paradise or among us?