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    Memes, games, PC hardware,tech, coding, Joji songs, anime titties.
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    A retarded Indian kid who spends all his day studying, gaming, watching Filthy Frank vids which I've watched hundreds of times before, listening to Joji and pink guy, watching memes, making memes(had a IG page, took a break for sometime from that)
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    School Student


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    I3 3210
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    Some cheap h61 board from a company named Mercury
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    1x 4gb ddr3
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    Intel HD 2500
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    Some micro atx case from a company called zebiom I got for $10
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    120gb sata SSD, 500gb Hard disk
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    600 watt Corsair 80+ white
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    AOC E970Sw 1366x768 60hz
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    Windows 7
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    Oppo A12, 4gb/64gb variant

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  1. Coincidentally I was going to write a article about this video in general discussion with correcting some points which matpat got wrong (like always) along with my point of view of the situation from the ground zero- India.
  2. Summary Pubg is getting a mobile exclusive sequel titled "PUBG New State", devloped by "PUBG STUDIOS" and South Korean company Krafton inc. (which also published the Indian exclusive PUBG mobile version BGMI). The battle royale shooter is going to be set in the futuristic setting of 2051 (that's what it's devlopers claim), it uses the quote "Beyond Battle royale" in it's campaigning Quotes My thoughts Well this article is a bit late into the party with the pre registration started 3 weeks ago and already 40 million people have registered. They se
  3. Well I played metal gear solid a few years ago, but I can't remember the song he plays at 1:58, it isn't the main theme, the main theme was very fast paced sort of, it's not that.
  4. Wow, that's why every meme which dates back the popular use of the word "meme" is in 360p, mind blowing
  5. Well my bad, I actually meant if 360p was considered high quality in 2008
  6. It says high quality but it is 360p, was that it in 2008? Or is this because this animation is actually from 1980?
  7. Sorry my bad, couldn't find a word for not as popular as used to be.
  8. The only people who I know using launchers also use Nova, so it's the popular launcher as of now I guess?
  9. Funny how I made this post after finding out there are no twrp for my phone, well I need a custom ROM because android 10 has features I need such as on screen audio recording, showing saved WiFi, and other stuff which isn't available on 9, but I couldn't find any, and for some weird reason, I remembered about launchers
  10. So it's been a while since LMG uploaded a video about launchers on the techquikie channel, and phones have changed a long way from then, and they didn't talk about some of the cons of a launcher (which is understandable because of the Yahoo sponsorship) Such as capping performance and draining more battery, now since then launchers even tho they still exist have lost their charm and popularity (just like live wallpapers), and the only people using launchers nowadays usually use it on their old 2015-16 phones which makes the software skin feel more modern and "cooler"(ironically those phones he
  11. Well not sure if India still falls under the 3rd world country but privacy is still a concern for the people here. There are privacy policies issued by the government to limit what companies collect about the citizens, but they don't limit the government itself from collecting data of citizens using the internet, but still a majority of people are concerned about their data and privacy here on India
  12. Well I haven't seen this on any other phone I ever used before
  13. So I own a oppo a12, and I just discovered a feature, which to me seems kind of creepy . so it's a really simple thing, sometimes you set a alarm to wake yourself up, usually lazy asses like me set up a bunch of alarm with a gap of half hour between them, all around the time I want to wake up. So just suppose in case if you decide you'll not wake up cuz you spent a lot of time watching the game theory video on the new doki doki literature club game. And won't get enough sleep if you still decide to wake up at that time. So you usually got 2 options disable those alarms one by