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  1. It really depends on your placement and posture, but it will most likely move if you dont fixate it. Unlike other sticks the base plate doesnt allow much tilting/lifting. It does sligthly lift on the sides when I do fast moves on the roll axis, since the base is slightly narrower on the sides, but most of the time you may end up sliding the stick over your desk instead, due to its strong spring. I dont see a big issue with Flightsim 2020 but space combat can require a lot of fast inputs that will make you push the stick over your desk. Also, keep in mind that the Wartho
  2. Different listening environments, different sources, different audience and to re-release for extra money/legal reasons. If you plan to play the song on the radio you can expect it to be running in a car or maybe at work, alongside some machines or higher ambient noise, while the radio frequency limits the bandwidth and the radio usually isnt the best quality output device. So you can degrade quality or enhance certain features to compensate for that. If you you plan to release your song for streaming you look at the target audience and what they are listening with. If
  3. One thing I can think of causing this could be EIST (Enhanced Intel Speedstep Technology), just go to your Bios, disable EIST and check if the error persists.
  4. Easy solution: One season of "Aircraft Carrier Crash-Derby"
  5. Not necessarily. Thermal compound can solidify or dry but that does not have to weaken its performance. The liquid matrix' job is to keep the thermaly conductive particles in place (and sometimes electricly insulate the conductive ones) while keep them able to spread during application. If that liquid dries/curdles/evaporates the particles should mostly stay in place and as the liquid is not relevant as a thermal conductor, performance should not degrade from that alone. Over time the expansion and retraction from components heating up and cooling can push thermal compo
  6. Lets not forget that we are talking about their stock price. While I agree on Apple knowing how to please their costumers, their stock value is about pleasing investors. Right now they will probably benefit from stay-at-home people, like other tech companies do, but their value might benefit from investors not knowing where else to invest. Covid is putting companies into difficulties and that uncertainty drives money into safe investments, like an already big tech company which should be "to big to fail". Apple might become a parking lot for excess money asw
  7. Do the troubleshoot LEDs in the top right corner lightup? Maybe try booting with one stick of RAM and if that doesnt work try with only the other stick. Eventually one got damaged.
  8. From what I can see @fred82 is right. Audio-In PC and Audio-In CD are for different sources, you only have to connect one source (so 1x red 1x white) to your laptop to get stereo sound. Just take the 3.5 to RCA splitter, connect it to "Audio-In PC" and to your laptop and that should work. If it doesnt work something is broken or something else is setup wrong. Maybe the speaker wires arent properly connected, your laptop audio output isnt properly configured or the splitter cables are junk. But you shouldnt need to, and actually be able to use 2 sources at the same time.
  9. @Kam0zzi Do you remember what you did to overclock? Because 3000Mhz is the RAM's XMP-profile which is overclocking, but to a degree that it is achievable according to manufacturer. Usually you can just choose it in your Bios from a drop down list, sometimes you have to set it manually and sometimes there is a actual XMP button you just have to click. How far into the boot process do you get? How many times do you let it try to boot before you turn it off? Can you enter your Bios? Changes in RAM require the system to train the new speeds, it usual
  10. @Magniphacent Before you take your whole loop a part, have you actually tried to just blow through it? I would disconnect the pump and the reservoir then grab some papertowel as a mouth piece and try to blow air from the top tube into the system. Careful for residential water. If you cant get air to passthrough there will be a blockage. Also did you inspect the flow indicator for possible dirt/pieces of tubing that could jam it?
  11. @TofuHaroto The last two times I swapped my mainboards, one because it was broken, one as an upgrade, I had to reactivate Win 10 Pro. Both times I didnt change anything other than the mainboard. The last swap was easy as I just had to log into my online account and was able to activate my current system as my active device, thereby removing the old one. That was less than 4 weeks ago. I kept the installation and only changed the mainboard, so yes you are right if one mainboard is one part to much. The issue is that I dont know what exactly triggers how Windows will treat your licen
  12. Your Windows license is bound to your mainboard, so Win 10 will most likely require a new activation. You wont have to reinstall Win 10 but it can happen that a prompt tells you that its not activated and some features become restricted. The methods to reactivate differ depending on your account, possibly some checks Windows does in the background, an online or offline account and weither it is a retail (should be easy) or an OEM (might be difficult) license. The most promising way to deal with it is to deactivate the license before you swap the boards, than
  13. DirectIN Millisecond Accurate Keyboards Old Thread about something like this Company's Site
  14. Was just about to reply mostly what @trufret wrote. One more thing about the T.16000m. It is using the same sensor as the way more expensive Warthog. I do actually own both and I can really recommend the T.16000m Hotas even compared to the Warthog. Especially when it comes to space combat with a lot of movement on each axis the T.16000m is easier to pitch/roll and therefore less fatiguing. That is also the case if you actually want to make some space on your desk and move the stick and throttle. If you go for a cheaper stick I really recommend you also pay a
  15. @Giancarloo Yeah in the bottom right of your mainboard, there is the Front Panel Header (F_Panel), thats where the actual power button of your case connects to. Look it up in your motherboards manual.