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  1. According to event viewer, pc shut down unexpectedly on the 18/09/2021. This was the black screen event upon restart which made me do a forced shutdown using the button on the case. Then this morning (28/09/21) I started my pc up and when it got to the windows sign in "screen" it restarted. Windows update circle load screen appeared for a few minutes then it got to the sign in screen. Another restart and everything appears to be working as normal. No further restarts yet... According to event viewer this message is associated with both of the random shutdowns -
  2. @Homeless Pineapple Now it says can't install driver not compatible on this version of windows. This is on palit and nvidias websites, v. 430.86 madness ....
  3. I haven't tried the driver that's in the box actually. I will follow your advice and get back to you asap. Thanks for your time @Homeless Pineapple
  4. It still crashed with gsync off. Temps were 71c at time of crash.
  5. I'm with you. Seems strange to me too because of the liquid cooler. I've ran memtest 64 with no errors I forgot to mention. Only for 2 hours . I don't understand why there was no crashes on the earlier versions of windows though on Battlefield V. I'll try gsync off now and report temps @ point of crash.
  6. I didn't do my research I just went for what seemed to be a decent setup. I wasn't clued up on the motherboard situation. I do have g-sync enabled using the asus pg278q @ 144hz. Temps usually 70-75c tops for the gpu but not sure exactly when the crash occurs. I'll look into this next. Drivers are from nvidia website / experience. I've tried reinstalling windows aswell. Case is a fractal C meshify and 3XS AIO 240 Liquid Cooler on the cpu. I forgot to mention these. Bios is version 0904.
  7. My System Motherboard: ASUS TUF B360 CPU: i7 9700k (stock settings, locked anyway) RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance 2666MHz DDR4 GPU: RTX 2080TI Palit Gaming Pro OC 11gb Hard drives: 512GB Intel 660p M.2 SSD 2TB Seagate Barracuda HDD PSU: Corsair CX550M – 80PLUS system is bought from scan computers The Problem Battlefield V, PUBG, Escape from Tarkov and The Hunt Showdown all crash usually within 5-10 minutes of gameplay. The system usually freezes for a second or two followed by CTD. No error message on screen apart from