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  1. Depends on the experience you want from the actors. If you want newbies, look at local acting schools and announce the roles there. You can also call at local theaters to find the organizers of a few plays/musicals/etc, or just search the internet, ask for the casting and contact list. If you want specific actors, call an/their agency.
  2. Definitely laser. Also used to engrave bare silicon (e.g. GPU), resin/plastic in memory chips, etc.
  3. H: - Can I copy that? G: - Sure, but make sure to make them look different. H: - OK.
  4. What kind of low life person wastes a week creating fake accounts for others? Dude, you need a psychiatrist. 

  5. If FSR does gain traction, they probably will, just like they had to do with Freesync.
  6. Sounds normal. It is doing more work fetching/processing/playing the clip that was not ready and in memory.
  7. Doesn't the "Go back to a previous version of Windows 10" rollbacks to the previous state before the update? (only tried after major updates, so I'm not sure if it works for small updates) ._.
  8. You have a gigantic leak in the paged pool. You could look for Microsoft's official Poolmon (they require you to download a wack ton of stuff along to get it...) and look at the corresponding tag, or try PoolmonX (the open-source alternative). Poolmonx will show you something like this, and source column indicates the tag and/or source driver of the leak.
  9. Well, you can't really fix anything with proprietary software, even though it may be broken... Kind of an unfair comparison.