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  1. Question: are you really giving your password that unlocks 200M to a random password manager, which claims your passwords are safe but let them be easily imported by other browser/tools? I don't remember the source (Schneir? Nemeth?), but he said something like: - Convenience is inversely proportional to safety. In other words, if it is convenient, it is not safe.
  2. Square Enix released completely broken Just Cause 4. On PC it was even worse as they didn't even bother porting controls correctly to keyboard and mouse. Just recently they released bugged trash known as Marvel Avengers.
  3. Think about every "end-to-end" encrypted chat app you've ever seen. Now think about the fundamental piece of assymetric cryptography: 2 pairs of public/private keys. Public keys are exchanged by sender and receiver, and is used to encrypt data sent to the other, which is later decrypted with the private key. Here is the catch: how do you exchange these public keys between the peers? Through peer-to-peer? That can't possibly be for these apps, as you can start chatting with someone without them being online to generate a new key pair or send the
  4. They probably have the telemetry of how many users installed additional PCI-E cards and what kind of cards they installed to back up any decisions regarding the number of slots. I'd say: They already have the hardware encoders, possibly replacing the Afterburner card. -1 slot They already have reasonably capable built-in graphics, no need for dedicated graphics for some of the users. -1 slot Common IO can be built into the motherboard, no need for separate PCI-E board for most users. -1 slot They could then put 4 PCI-E cards vertically, 2 on top of each other for each
  5. My guess was it was due to manufacturing and binning. It just makes no sense to have that many skus if they're the exact same thing. Intel is a weird example, since they keep making very weird decisions.
  6. *pipe dream* Imagine building an Belo Monte, Itaipu, Hoover, Niagara, Three Gorges dams with most problematic components arriving that "easily". Of course I prefer airships, but they require too much space to land and is such a waste to use helium. :x
  7. Satellite maintenance, space mining and in-space construction are the only things that comes to mind. There's also earth-to-earth transportation and special payload delivery. Not sure if it can land with such mass, but imagine transporting hydroelectric dam turbines with rockets. Way easier than planning routes with wide roads, low inclination and big curves, getting permission of all cities/states, getting a scout to stop the roads, temporarily remove electric wires, etc to let the truck move. Just make a landing/launch pad with reinforced concrete and there you have i
  8. Probably, but not that much. The only advantage for them is Chrome can track you even if you're not logged into your account and in not-so-private sessions. They also use DNS-over-HTTPS to circumvent DNS-based ad-blocking. Otherwise they track you with the Google Ads identifier that basically every site uses, plus your cookies. The Google search gives them additional info about yourself. I suggest Brave for browser, DuckDuckGo for search, DNS ad-blocking for all ads/trackers/telemetry, block 3rd-party cookie access.
  9. With people onboard or without? Without they would only ground it for investigation and fixing the issue. With people, I think they would need to fix and tests a dozen times before flying anyone again.
  10. 40-60% Cocoa. If it has less, it is basically sugar. If it has more, it gives me some serious headache. Pure roasted cocoa beans smells terrific but the taste is awful, just like coffee. Not sure what Baker's chocolate is, but if it is a cooking chocolate that doesn't need tempering, it isn't (only) chocolate or what you would expect out of chocolate (they usually add vegetable shortening).
  11. It's more expensive and capacity isn't growing as fast as NAND flash. Not that surprising. The original plan always was to provide another memory tier with lower latency and higher throughout between memory and slower storage. And they didn't manage to be 1000x faster than SSDs.
  12. Might not fit your taste, but my recommendations: Robin Hood: Men in tights Emperor's new groove Return of the pink panther Trail of the pink panther Spy Airplane Austin Powers Monty Python and the Holy Grail Not sure if it is available in english, but Chespirito (Chavo del 8, Chapolin, ...) stuff is pretty great. Jokes are stupid and innocent, but still pretty fun.
  13. US also has UMC, Texas, Linear/Analog, Micron, Microchip, Renesas, NXP, Infineon, GloFo, and smaller fabs. They're not producing most advanced nodes, but still relevant in memory, graphics, embedded, etc.
  14. **US examining the possibility of towing Taiwan across the pacific**
  15. Same thing can be said for China, and the pandemic made it very clear that some local production is absolutely necessary.
  16. Using numpy to solve that is so overkill. And here is how I would do
  17. It does matter, even if it is legal, but again, not talking about legality here. Plastic bags can be reused for no additional energy, can be recycled, etc. Energy spent on a discarded block is literally wasted, and that's the bulk of the mining. The solution is obvious: you spend more energy, you pay way more for the unit of energy. Super easy to do that once you get the distribution of consumption. Take 80% of the distribution and keep current fee. Double tariffs for each additional 5%, and you will gradually reduce overall load of the public n
  18. You're completely ignoring the fact that energy generation, infrastructure and distribution are usually subsidized/maintained by the government with taxes (LOCAL TAXES). Why does the government subsidize that? In order to allow its people (THE LOCALS) to use light, home appliances and cooling/heating when needed. The difference is xx shop is probably doing something way more useful with it, like manufacturing products or providing services FOR LOCAL USE. Collecting LOCAL TAXES, to subsidize energy for THE LOCALS and their LOCAL USE is not the same of using PERSONAL TAXES, to s
  19. They have their uses. Criminals also use fiat money, drugs, exchange properties and goods, so I don't get why people would bother with them using crypto. Same thing about torrent: some people pirate stuff with it, others sync tons of data across CDNs/servers with it (BitTorrent Sync -> Resilio). Now BitTorrent is using their bitcoin as credits to get hosting credits on others networks (e.g. Google can mirror their CDN stuff into your local servers and you get paid for it in BitTorrent Token, that can be used to mirror your stuff on other CDNs). Sharing server resources without bot
  20. I thought your reply was about requiring a network for the transaction. I didn't look the other comment. Completely agree that it doesn't erase the bank account. I assume that you would need to lose the entire chain in every node for that to happen. Never looked into details, as blockchain sounded very boring to me. It's just a transaction record that self-refers, making it impossible to erase/insert transactions, unless you decide to fork it, in which all good properties are thrown out of the window. As all major stakeholders (a.k.a. government
  21. Credit cards "work" offline. Remember the old carbon copy paper machines? Transaction can be resolved when the electricity is back.
  22. Effective solution: - as your consumption grows, tariffs should increase exponentially (can easily be adjusted with the distribution of residential/commercial power consumption per constructed area); - peak hours should be more expensive than non-peak (this is optional here, and the flat rate tariff is the default).