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  1. It will be like nothing else. Or maybe nothing at all.
  2. According to Wccftech: https://wccftech.com/intel-7nm-xe-hpc-gpu-diagram-ponte-vecchio/
  3. Even it had a vinyl, these digital dials give no tactile feedback and sometimes they skip or register twice, so you can't really trust it. The sound feedback is useless, since the person can't read the manual to read what the devil the beeps mean, if they do mean something. Touch panels wouldn't be as bad if they had clear button separations, require to keep pressed for a few seconds and sound feedback was pre-recorded audio instead of indistinguishable beeps.
  4. Duran Duran - All you need is now
  5. 1827 copper coin from the Brazilian empire. Got it as a gift and it made me start my coin collection.
  6. Things you can (but not necessarily should) try to disable: - Search; - Compatibility telemetry; - Settings Synchronization; - OneDrive; - Anti-tampering (it re-enables the next item automatically); - Defender real-time protection (if your OS is installed on a HDD, you will definitely notice the difference with it disabled).
  7. Not Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Akamai, plus a bunch of ad-trackers/telemetry crap in my watch.
  8. Yup, keyboard randomly gets borked and stops writing/deleting stuff where the cursor is.
  9. Just saying, the people who lost anything with this are unsupported platforms which relied on community builds. For everybody else, you can use Dissenter, Brave, Opera, Vivaldi, (Chr)Edge, etc. Firefox is currently being managed by lunatics, so not an option.