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    Ribnica, Slovenia
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    Cycling, diving, air rifle shooting, light video editing, YouTube, deepfakes, CSGO, YTP, Arduino, politics, file format conversion, electrotechnics.
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    electrotechnics student


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    Intel Core i5 9300H @ 2.40GHz
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    Dell Inc. 0201H1 (U3E1)
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    16,0GB DDR4 SODIMM @2667mHz Dual-Channel Crucial CT8G4SFRA32A
  • GPU
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Mobile,
    Intel® UHD Graphics 630
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    Dell G3 3590
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    476GB IM2P33F3 NVMe ADATA 512GB (RAID (SSD))
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    130w Dell power adapter
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    60hz IPS laptop display FHD 15.6 inch 141ppi 300 nits 6.2 W
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    dual fan thermal cooling
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    Dell G3 3590 built-in illuminated keyboard.
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    Logitech G102 Lightsync; Dell G3 3590 built-in trackpad; Camera mouse 2018
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    Phillips mz-7 HiFi, Nubwo N2 headset, Dell G3 3590 built-in 2W stereo speakers; Xiaomi EN50332-2 earphones; Dell G3 3590 integrated stereo microphone; SF-666 Condenser Microphone
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home 64-bit
  • Laptop
    Dell G3 3590
  • Phone
    Cat B30
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  1. I've quit every Realtek program in the task manager that was open (I got some other issues with audio and thought that that would fix it). Now I guess some processes did not start running when I restarted the PC. So now if I plug the microphone into the plug, windows will recognise it and set it as default. But when I use Microsoft dictaphone, I get the prompt that the microphone is not working and when I check in the control panel/sound there is no volume picked up. How do I start those processes back, for my microphone to pick-up sound?
  2. I need a Windows audio console, that supports multiple audio outputs and inputs. I want to stream audio to both of these devices at the same time .
  3. It works now. It didn't work at first when I restarted the Windows Explorer process but then I restarted my whole PC and now it show Downloads. Thank you very much for your help and I wish you a Happy Birthday!
  4. I have restored it to default, restarted the PC but nothing changed.
  5. Videos and Music folders are working properly now, the Downloads folder seems to be working fine as well only the name is still Music.
  6. So I did manually follow the instructions and everything seems to work as it did before the accident except the downloads are still labeled as Music.
  7. So I clicked no on the second one for all Downloads, Videos and Photos; but they are all named Music now despite that I have created a different file for each of them. They are also all in the last file that I have created (Downloads).
  8. So I've set my UI to english and this is what prompts up first: then I clicked Yes and this happened: then I clicked Yes and this appeared:
  9. I did that already and it would try to move whole C/ to D/
  10. TOR browser is the best. It connects you to the TOR network hides your IP.