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  1. Remember guys in Jayz2cent vid they saw the 6900XT on the slide it said +rage mode + smart memory vs the 3090. Though it is still less wattage then the 3090 sooo...
  2. Google aren't even trying to stop the competition... Just that Google is Leagues better.
  3. RIP all nand flash and dram companies.
  4. DANG Intel before had enough spare time to go on a Nand journey to diversify now... They are forced to just throw away that division of theirs. Not looking good for intel anymore if they can't keep up with their pet projects
  5. I bet ya My information is all over the place by now But I only have 5$ in my bank account sooo.... Yea.... It ain't worth your time hackers... you guys wouldn't want my identity as well I have terrible credit if you take my identity I can only say thanks creditors will come after you from now on LOL.
  6. The mag Safe is Nice. The looks are going to carry this version's sales.... I will wait until next year to get the mini iphone 12.... They made such a useless big deal out of 5g... Everything else was MEH.
  7. Unless you are doing video editing/rendering and since you can't really do real gaming on any apple devices... Even the current gen A12-A13 variants/models are fine.... for basically maybe a decade or need to replace it.
  8. They did this just to Shove it to AMD LOL
  9. Don't forget guys 3090 supports SLI. People are going to be buying 2
  10. Western digital caught lying again?! wtf Going with Seagate at least I will know what I am getting Welp another lawsuit heading to Western Digital.
  11. Wow did Nvda just killed off Hard drive permanently for regular consumers that only game.
  12. The pricing structure is great! The only salty people are those trying to resell their cards. If you recently brought a card "expecting" a huge price bump that is also on you since everything was just a guess. Those that brought it early had years to enjoy their cards... For the consumers this is great all round. It is the fact that they actually didn't screw with consumers and only those that was trying to play games of reselling and predicting. Is what made this an amazing stream.
  13. Twitch gets their share, streamers get their share. Burger King gets a 3 second robot shoutout. Big streamers should set their donation button to 100$ a message. Eh Twitch might have to update their ToS
  14. Every product design to be sold to a select/targeted or general/commerical audience is designed to be a success or at least try to. If not then it should stay as a concept design or limited offerings. Or at least a lost leader where they sell it on the negative.
  15. Sorry Microsoft this looks to be a fail product... That price that 1399$? Maybe if you guys were the first to come out with a dual screen phone....
  16. Huh I am honesty shocked I thought they would be doing better since everyone is now online.
  17. Stop making excuses for Microsoft about the surfacebook. Borders? Just have palm rejection, Icons on the edge hello did you not know you can move the icons around Ya know since the early days of windows. You don't actually have to snap it to the grid. Why are you assuming people just holding the tablet part... You can put it down in front of you for the side toolbars Ya know as intended it to be a drawing device.. They have "3" ITERATION They are I think now a trillion dollar company. For them to make a larger trackpad that is a terrible excuse. The Base is literally JUST a large
  18. I keep on saying this that they should have toss away the development of this surface neo and duo crap as it has already been done and failed so many times. It was just not that useful. Instead they should have focused on the book 3 instead of just giving a minor spec bump. How hard was it to make it have thinner bezels, a larger trackpad, 120hz screen, maybe AMD processor and a 2060.... Then made sure you can buy them the tablet and keyboard/gpu combo spereately so upgrades can be easier for the consumer/battery swaps.