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    ZWELINHTET reacted to AzzaNezz in In need of Laptop for programming   
    I own hp 15,which was 500 euros,with ryzen 3500u,8gb ram(upgraded to 16gb by myself) and 512 nvme ssd.
    what ever you are learning it will do it just fine with cheaper option.I am running visual studio,youtube,firefox with 20+ tabs without anyproblem or lag.Compiling for begginer is fast enough since you are doing small stuff.
    my advice,buy a cheaper laptop and buy one external monitor.Learning will be much easier then constantly switching tabs.Most of the youtube videos will suggest high end build for some proffesionall programmers,but in case of begginer its not needed at all.My buddy is doing app development at his company with old macbook,that has old i7 and 8gb ram.
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    ZWELINHTET reacted to jaslion in In need of Laptop for programming   
    Acer swift 3 with a ryzen 4500u? Better than any of intels low power offerings and also beats their high power i5's and hovers between those and the i7's. All whilst being crazy efficient thus having a lot of battery life.
    I mean honestly you can program on a potato really so basically aside from programming what is the most important part(s) for you about a laptop?
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    ZWELINHTET reacted to Pixel5 in 4 GPUs for 16 monitors?   
    the question is what is considered shiny.
    if this is supposed to be a permanent installation and most of the monitors just show a static thing or video feed i would simply use a radpberry pi which can show something on two monitors and use a few of them.
    using a 4GPU setup is needlessly complicated for this purpose.
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    ZWELINHTET reacted to mariushm in 4 GPUs for 16 monitors?   
    Get a threadripper board and you'll have 5-7 pci-e x16 slots and support for more than 128 GB of memory. If you don't need processing power, there's cheap 8 core threadrippers that are cheap and still powerful enough. 
    As for video cards, if it's just for that usage (showing surveillance/monitoring/playing videos etc) you could consider older single slot AMD workstation video cards, which have up to 6 outputs 
    For example, you could spend  around 100$ on FirePro W7000 cards : https://www.ebay.com/itm/AMD-FirePro-W7000-4GB-GDDR5-PCI-Express-x16-Desktop-Video-Card/113937984038 - single slots with 4 outputs and performance a bit lower than a gtx 1050 / about same as RX 560 cards 
    Here's Techpowerup page for w7000 : https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/firepro-w7000.c587
    See also FirePro W5100 ... just older generation but still capable with 4 GB of memory and 4 outputs. Plenty of them on ebay and single slot.
    W9000 are more expensive and dual slot, but have 6 mini display port outputs
    There's other models in the series, w4100, w4300 etc .. but not sure if lower/older models can do 4k on their outputs, or if they're new enough to not have issues with drivers in Windows 10. They probably can and have drivers but double check. 
    There's also older nvidia quadro cards which should have 4 outputs or more. a random example 140$ for a quadro 1200 with 4 displayport outputs incl. dp cables : https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nvidia-Quadro-K1200-4GB-GDDR5-Mini-DP-DisplayPort-Cables-Windows-10-Video-Card/264877654798
    No point wasting 2070 and 2080 cards on just monitoring.
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    ZWELINHTET reacted to TomvanWijnen in 4 GPUs for 16 monitors?   
    I don't have experience with 2 GPUs and 16 monitors, but I do have experience with 2 GPUs and 5 monitors. That worked just fine. One of the GPUs was a GTX 680, the other was some 11-12 year old low end AMD or Nvidia GPU (I used each for some time). I was on Windows 7 though, but Windows 10 should work as well, I'd say.
    Since you have the materials, I'd just start hooking them up!  Of course, first start with two GPUs, so you aren't somehow missing some crucial step in the beginning.
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    ZWELINHTET reacted to Biomecanoid in 4 GPUs for 16 monitors?   
    Can you even fit and connect 4 GPUs in your PC ?
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    ZWELINHTET reacted to Rambo in Are these TEMP normal? Or should I be worry?   
    But is the cpu fan running at 5000 rpm?!?
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    ZWELINHTET reacted to Haris Javed in Are these TEMP normal? Or should I be worry?   
    You can worry if you wanna, but your temps are fine. 
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    ZWELINHTET got a reaction from aisle9 in The beauty of BSOD !!!!   
    @aisle9 It's fixed. The Mobo was the main problem. I got another x570 mobo and replaced it. Everything runs smooth now. Thank you. ❤️
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    ZWELINHTET reacted to boggy77 in Are these TEMP normal? Or should I be worry?   
    firstly, hwmonitor doesn't have accurate readings for ryzen. use hwinfo 64 or ryzen master for cpu temps.
    secondly, those temps (if correct), are more than fine.
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    ZWELINHTET reacted to aisle9 in The beauty of BSOD !!!!   
    Take it down to one stick of RAM, and put that in the farthest slot from the CPU socket. Do whatever you're doing to test that's getting you these errors. Note your results and move on until all DIMMs are tested in all slots. Once you've gone through each DIMM individually, start running all of them at the same time. Make sure your RAM is configured in a way shown in the motherboard manual (i.e., not side by side on a four-slot board).
    If one DIMM makes it through all of the slots fine but the other doesn't (assuming you have two DIMMs), you have a bad DIMM. If both DIMMs are failing on the same slot, you have a bad slot, and that usually means that you have a bad motherboard). If both DIMMs make it through without crashing, something else is up, probably your board itself. If both DIMMs crash on everything, motherboard issues.
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    ZWELINHTET reacted to X-System in Japan GPU prices ...   
    In France, it costs 719€ ($850.40)
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    ZWELINHTET reacted to Fatih19 in Japan GPU prices ...   
    Gamers rise up!
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    ZWELINHTET reacted to Jurrunio in Japan GPU prices ...   
    Honestly outside of Chins, the US and sometimes Germany and the UK, all countries rip ppl off for hardware. Just different in how absurd it gets
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    ZWELINHTET reacted to WereCatf in Japan GPU prices ...   
    I'm not Japanese, so I don't know. Could be e.g. their equivalent of VAT, like e.g. here in Finland we've got a VAT of 24% and thus pretty much everything is a lot more expensive than in e.g. Germany. Also, over here, companies are greedy and just directly convert $1 USD to 1€, even though $1 is nowhere near the value of 1€.
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    ZWELINHTET reacted to Sakkura in Japan GPU prices ...   
    Japan isn't much into PC gaming, so with less stock (or smaller orders from retailers) pricing can be more volatile. Plus Japan has a 10% VAT, so $700 in the US would directly correspond to $770 in Japan.
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    ZWELINHTET reacted to WereCatf in Japan GPU prices ...   
    As far as I know, RTX 3080 and 3090 will officially be released on the 17th and thus the prices for the cards are still not the final ones -- they may be wildly off the actual price.
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    ZWELINHTET reacted to Moonzy in When will "upgrades" finally be done?   
    and all the old part will be my secondary pc, a new life like a phoenix
    my main desktop is called Desky, and my bedside desktop is called Beddie
    Beddie gets all of Desky's old parts
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    ZWELINHTET got a reaction from kirashi in When will "upgrades" finally be done?   
    @TheTechWizardThatNeedsHelp I don't know bruh. That's why I'm here looking for my type of people.
    @kirashi I don't know, man. I've been looking for the safe spot that I can say I'm happy with this. 
    @Moonzy *happy noises*
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    ZWELINHTET got a reaction from Moonzy in When will "upgrades" finally be done?   
    @TheTechWizardThatNeedsHelp I don't know bruh. That's why I'm here looking for my type of people.
    @kirashi I don't know, man. I've been looking for the safe spot that I can say I'm happy with this. 
    @Moonzy *happy noises*
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    ZWELINHTET reacted to CircleTech in When will "upgrades" finally be done?   
    I believe what OP is referring to is the never-ending hampster wheel of spending necessary to keep up with the latest and greatest technology. 
    Let me let you in on a little secret OP: No matter how much money you throw at your PC, you can't win. Ever.
    The key is to be happy with that you have, and perform upgrades as needed. If your games are running fine, then there is no need to upgrade. If you can browse facebook jost fine, there is no need to upgrade. If you can run stress simulations in CAD just fine, there is still no reason to upgrade. But once these things stop working, then yes, you do need to upgrade.  The machine I am typing this post on is almost 9 years old. It's a Dell T3610 With a Xeon E5-1620 and 32GB of DDR3. I literally found it at a scrapyard. It works great.
    I was at GMs propulsion lab as part of an internship last year, and I saw rows and rows of really old computers running windows 95, 98, and windows NT. I asked why they needed such old machines. The response? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. 
    Turns out they use these old computers to read data recorded on a 3.5" floppy disk from multimillion dollar windtunnels. If a billion dollar corporation has decided they can use technology from 25 years ago, then you don't need to spend an additional thousand dollars on a new video card to get an additional 3 FPS in fortnite. Upgrading just because you feel like it is basically just throwing money down the drain. That said, there's nothing wrong with throwing your money down the drain. I don't get to decide how you, or anyone else, uses their money. You could choose to waste your money on literal garbage if you really wanted to. I can't stop you.
    In conculsion, don't try to win the upgrading game. You will always lose. Buy or build a computer that can do the job, and only upgrade when it stops doing that job. Anything else is a poor use of your hard-earned cash.
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    ZWELINHTET reacted to kirashi in When will "upgrades" finally be done?   
    Yup, I was there once with my current rig. Originally began building it in 2015, and wasn't finished upgrading until 2019 in the Fall.
    When you're satisfied with the state of your current machine. For example, I don't have much reason to upgrade from my 4th gen i7 and RTX 2060 until my machine either starts to die, or I actually need to upgrade to faster hardware. Seeing as how my machine still works great and I'm satisfied with its' speed, that probably won't be for at least 2-4 more years, assuming my day-to-day needs don't change.
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    ZWELINHTET reacted to WereCatf in When will "upgrades" finally be done?   
    Since your questions are about you, take a look in the mirror and present the questions there.
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    ZWELINHTET reacted to HelpfulTechWizard in When will "upgrades" finally be done?   
    Done? What is this word? Explain this definition.
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    ZWELINHTET reacted to BobVonBob in Alternative Matrix Switcher??   
    Video wall controller is probably the more accurate term, but a good 6+ output video wall controller and an 8x1 HDMI switcher should run you less than $2000.
    While searching I also just found this (8 input 8 output) and this (9 input 9 output), they appear to combine video wall and matrix switch functionality like the ATEN unit, but at a significantly lower price. On the other hand, it doesn't seem to be from a particularly well known brand and the ease of use might be a bit suspect.