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    Hi ZWELINHTET - I came by your post about the M…

    I did use 2 different GPUs on it without SLI. The performance is bad but I just needed 8 outputs for 8 TVs with extended (not mirroring) views. Each applications will work differently though. Heavy GPU usage will likely to crash with BSOD. PS : Sorry for the late reply.
  2. “A short version of background” Need a laptop for programming / watching YouTube. Looked at XPS 13 but the 2020 version is out of hand from price point. Don’t know which series of which brand is good for cost, spec, display, weight, stylish. And here I’m looking for ideas. So ... Budget is till 1200$ (150,000yen ... it’s usually a bit expensive in Japan). Target Spec is “Core i5 9th or 10th gen / 16GB RAM / 512GB SSD / FHD or 4K display”. Don’t know if the GPU is needed or not. Let’s go?
  3. @Pixel5 I'm gonna need this to be used as a normal PC sometimes too. It's not about showing the same things over and over again. Its purpose is (1) will be used as a normal PC (sometimes) (2) will be used as a single PC to show different contents like videos + CAD data + web meetings + hardware monitoring + sever usage monitorings *all at the same time. (3) will be used as a part time rendering of Blender etc.. (4) will be used as one big video wall. (5) looks unnecessarily expensive and custom made.
  4. @TomvanWijnen I will. Thanks. @mariushm We were using 16 old laptops and desktops for it. We then changed those with just desktops with 4 outputs and lower the device number down to 4 desktops. Now we need to be just one PC for some unnecessary reasons. About the CPU, we might be using this as secondary rendering machine so I was looking at current gen Threadrippers. We don't have to cheap out on the GPUs either since these 2080s and 2070s are lying around the office and not gonna use anyway. This is my personal preference that I don't want to deal
  5. @Biomecanoid If you're talking about the case, I think the Corsair Full Tower might be able to fit those. I'm not sure what motherboard have 4GPUs with nice space between each of the slot though. @Pixel5 Actually, the purpose of that system is to show off to some top end customers. I doesn't have to make sense though. It just need to be within the 5000$ budget and a bit shiny. By the way, those 16 monitors need to show 16 different contents at the same time.
  6. Anyone got any experience on a PC that has one or two CPU with 4 GPUs that's gonna be connected to 16 monitors (4K monitors but gonna run those in just 1080p). Not gonna overkill but this ain't gonna be a budget one either. Targeting cost per performance, I guess? ---- Already have 16 monitors mounted on the wall. Already have a bunch of GPUs laying around the office. Already have 32GB x 4 and 16GB x 8 RAMs from other builds. ---- Sorry for the mspaint picture. ---- Budget (including currency): 5000 US$ or 500,000 Japanese Y
  7. Thanks for the softwares. I’ll download those right away. Are those RAM temps be fine in the long run too? I know CPU get hot while gaming even if it’s cooled by an AIO. I was hoping to get it down by 5 ~ 10 degrees if possible.
  8. Below is the Hardware Monitor for my current rig and I feel something is not right. I don't know the exact normal performance and thermal for Ryzen 7 3700X. I ran a bunch of CPU benchmarks and played World of Warcraft and Fortnite for about 30 minutes each. The room temp might gonna up about 1 or 2 degree C after an hour of gaming. Is these temp normal for these parts? CPU -> The temp readings are all over the place. Any software to look at exact temp of Ryzen CPUs? GPU -> That max temp is okay, right? RAM / SSD -> Maximum of 40C is accept
  9. @aisle9 It's fixed. The Mobo was the main problem. I got another x570 mobo and replaced it. Everything runs smooth now. Thank you.
  10. Thanks. It seems to need a lot of work to do. I have never doubted MB to gone bad. I’ll test as above and see what’s failing me.
  11. I’m still having these errors and don’t have another PC to test each parts is working or not. As far as I can confirm, CPU is working fine. Ran a bunch of benchmarks with zero shutdowns. Non-Overclocked. PSU is brand new and is working fine. AIO, SSD is okay too. I don’t know if my GPU is working fine or not. Currently running Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool and it says an error is found on this hardware. Throw the RAMs out of the windows? Ah ... the beauty of windows. :D
  12. In the case of Japan, it's 50%+ for the hardwares.
  13. I have Crystal 570X RED RGB case bought a while ago. The RGB hub come with that case got burnt (short story : totally my mistake). Is there the same type of RGB hub from Corsair that I can buy? If so, what's that called? I've searched and commander pro is not the answer I was looking for. Picture attached for reference.
  14. Oh well, it sucks but I'll have to live with it anyway.
  15. Other brands will come out soon enough and that might make the price fall a bit but why 50% overprice, though? That doesn't stop with GPUs. Almost all the pc parts are 50% overpriced compare to other countries. I can just get from US Amazon with the same or lower cost but the waiting time got extended by a huge length.
  16. Why are PC Parts prices are sky-rocketing / over-priced in Japan? RTX 3080 is like 699$ (74,200 yen) but it is 109,800 yen (1035$) in Japan. Why the 300$ difference? Why ??? (T_T)
  17. Does anyone know 32:9 aspect ratio monitor that has 60Hz and nice color accuracy with curved or non-cruved? Tons of gaming monitors of that kind has 144Hz or non-accurate color. All I need is the color accuracy like Dell U2419H, 60Hz refresh rate, 32:9 aspect ratio and 34inch or bigger in size.
  18. @Z_Light I'm not sure if I'm myself anymore, bruh.
  19. . Upgrading just because you feel like it is basically just throwing money down the drain. That said, there's nothing wrong with throwing your money down the drain. I don't get to decide how you, or anyone else, uses their money. You could choose to waste your money on literal garbage if you really wanted to. I can't stop you. In conculsion, don't try to win the upgrading game. You will always lose. Buy or build a computer that can do the job, and only upgrade when it stops doing that job. Anything else is a poor use of your hard-earned cash. @CircleTech
  20. @TheTechWizardThatNeedsHelp I don't know bruh. That's why I'm here looking for my type of people. @kirashi I don't know, man. I've been looking for the safe spot that I can say I'm happy with this. @Moonzy *happy noises*
  21. I'm sure there're loads of people out there upgrading upon upgraded personal gaming rigs just like me. When will these upgrades finally be done? When will I be happy? Anyone got answers?
  22. @BobVonBob Thanks a lot bruh... That might save me spending money for the video wall.
  23. @ImAlsoRan Thank you. I'll add that to my research list. @BobVonBob Thanks for the tip. As you said, I need that video wall function to be able to use as a one big ass display. I'm not sure what you mean by "video wall processor". I'll search for it right away.
  24. Hi guys, We're planning to buy ATEN VM6809H Matrix Switcher for the company multi-display setup. We already have 3 of these for the offices in different locations but wondering if there's any other alternative that's easier to use and/or cheaper. What we're using it for is to connect 6 TVs as one big monitor output from 8 different sources (PCs, Laptops and AppleTV). What I'm loving about this is that I can switch to any profile easily. What I don't like is that it's expensive. Is there any other 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switcher that does the same as
  25. I know. I know. Intel is the gaming king, bla bla bla.