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  1. I enjoyed watching most of it. Taking everything with a grain of salt - advertisement comparisons are always a bit sketchy and need to be analyzed by people who actually have an insight into the datacenter field and stuff. I am a dissapointed that they did not give any hint on consumer grade GPU's, they had more then enough bonus time now, so expected at least a yummy teaser.
  2. You hardly find infos about it cause literally no one does it. Except for some REALLY special units, Laptops have a hard time already dealing with the heat a non oc part produces. Putting more stress on the cooling system which is at its limit already by overclocking in most cases is just a bad idea.
  3. The BIOS of a motherboard is not linked to you operating system. So no, you don't need any updates regarding the BIOS. But everything you did in your Windows installation will be back to normal.
  4. Damn, the supply of WU's has been amazing today. Not having to wait more then approx. 2 minutes for a GPU WU as soon as i tell my system to FLEX HARD ON THAT COVID MOFO.
  5. Its not only about the pins you see. Ripping off the blue thing might have damaged circuits and other stuff below the slot or leading to the slot.
  6. Oh that looks nice. How do you get it (beside having to fold 100 Units)?
  7. No you can not. Also, its just for testing purpose to see if the GPU works in the other PCIE slot. It could still be a compability issue like @GDRRiley mentioned.
  8. It sure can - the problem is not that the clip needs to hold it, its that if you forcefully ripped it out of position, it might have damaged the slot itself.
  9. The blue clip on the PCIE slot to lock the GPU seems to be torn off. Have you ripped out the GPU without releasing that lock clip? If the clip looks damaged like that it might have damaged the whole slot. You could take out the motherboard (since it looks like your GPU is too big to fit in the other PCIE slot with the motherboard in that small case) and try the other PCIE slot. If that works - the main PCIE slot is done for.
  10. We have broken 8k comments for this topic now. Has there ever been a "not offtopic" topic that made it so far?
  11. Take your time, you are investing more in this cause then anyone could ever ask of you
  12. Today has been a really rough day. Hard to catch any WU's, even with watching and pausing/unpausing it for quite some time. It's all for a good cause, but no way reaching anything close to top 250 or so which was my target at least at the end of the event. Hoping for a better experience the next days, since it seems to be more a question of luck then of constant work right now.
  13. As a TOTALLY not biased person i suggest you don't get a computer from apple, unless you SPECIFICALLY need it for software you have to use that only runs on iOS ;). You pay a ridiculous amount of money for just the apple logo on it.
  14. The calculation for yesterday changed today at extreme overclocking. Missing WU's are now shown and are counted for. Yes, time zones are different, but i included that
  15. @GOTSpectrum looks like extreme overclocking caught up on at least some (if not all) of the missing points and WU's. My recognized output for 28.03. went up from the 657.613 in your race statistic to 791.074 on extreme overclocking. I hope everything smoothes out from now on