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    lutewan reacted to typographie in Brands I Will only use in a build   
    So, is this thread just a public declaration of your brand loyalties? You're the kind of consumer every marketing executive thinks about when they touch themselves.
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    lutewan got a reaction from jonnyyyl in Changing fan and cable management in corsair 250D   
    it would be best to have a modular psu
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    lutewan reacted to SansVarnic in Home Schooling / Home Instruction   
    Ok to start there is a very common response here that is very much a strong myth and one that I kind of knew I would get but I was hoping it would not happen since I was asking about the educational aspect; Homeschoolers miss-out on socializing with others or they become socially awkward because of having been homeschooled etc. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about homeschoolers or jokes that go around. Though awkwardness does happen, I was one of those, but this is due to my own personality trait. I do not like to be around people by choice, I like my space and I am bit of an introvert. Before you say HA! You just proved my point that HSr's are socially retarded my brother was the complete opposite of myself being a very outward person, very social and we were both homeschooled during the same period of time. Social skills have absolutely nothing to do with whether or not you are public schooled or homeschooled. Homeschoolers do interact with others all the time, matter of fact I had a lot of friends that I hung out with, just had to wait till they were out of school though as I was done by noon everyday. My friends envied me for this but what can I say, if the public school would let me do my work at the same pace I would still be out at noon or earlier. (I didn't start school till 8 or 9am) On average Homeschoolers do and /or participate in afterschool activities, clubs and other things just public schooled student do. So the Socially retarded argument is a mute argument.
    The second misconception is the Homeschoolers are undereducated. This can and does happen in about the 1% range on average. Parents that don't care or abuse the system will maintain the absolute minimum for the student. It is sad and unfortunately the news media focuses on this way to much. Homeschooling in the US is the fastest growing secondary education system (private school is second to homeschooling) due to the vastly improved educational benefits students receive. Ivy league universities and colleges will accept a student if they respond they are home schooled over public schooled even if a SAT or ACT score is lower than the public schooled. I know this as a fact as I have access to 10 letters from 10 ivy league schools admitting so (the letters are not mine they my dads he received after writing 12 schools asking certain questions in regards to their acceptance of homeschoolers). The reasons for this are; strong self study skills, higher testing,  better skills of diplomacy, peer to peer associations/interactions and better personality, behavior, self esteem traits.
    I was public educated from k-6 grade, because of certain conditions (a long story) I ended up finishing school at home my 7-12 grade. I and my father became very involved in what Homeschooling was and has become. Any of the replies I give below are not intentionally condescending but based in information I learn from my time as a homeschooler and today as a homeschool parent. I do not regret having been homeschooled as the public school I attend was severely holding up my education (not to mention sucked) as I was not challenged enough or I was bored, school was to slow for me. But that was me.
    This is about as false a statement it could be (sorry). A study was conduct several years ago (with in the last 5-8 in the USA) that showed that on average Homeschoolers' developed stronger social skills and received a higher acceptance rate from Ivy league colleges over public educated students due to higher self study abilities, higher testing,  better skills of diplomacy and peer to peer associations/interaction, better personality, behavior and self esteem traits
    Your experience with those classmates are a 1 in 1000 situation. The awkwardness is either personality or coincidental to their environment and their lower educational development could be due to the parents lack of ability to teach (this does happen parents want to teach but find out they unable to do so). It is not uncommon for parents to be unable to homeschool, home schooling is not for everyone and a good homeschool program will try to convey this point and help as much as possible. It is the hardest for most parents for children in grades k-3 to teach as some do not understand how teach the most basic ideas, generally it is easier to start at the 4th grade as parents are able speak on a level the student can understand, frustration teaching a 5 year old on how to write, read, or add is hard as it is a perspective thing. Children require repetition at this age, 4th graders do not need it nearly as much.
    Social development is not controlled by the amount of people you interact in a school environment but doe contribute some, it is actually determined by the time you are 5-6 years old. A physiatrist can tell you this. Education plays the most in the influence of how social skills are developed the more knowledgeable you are the more social you are able to be, personality also plays a strong part in this as well.
    This is both correct and a little incorrect. The competence of the parent teaching has a lot to do with initial educational development but once you reach a certain age you ability to learn is influenced more on your desire to learn and retain what is taught. On average once a child has reached 10-12 and self study become normal a student can comprehend most of the content with little to some interaction from the parent in about 50%, 25% require some more interaction, last 25% require constant interaction.
    I cant argue with you on the UK schooling I have little knowledge there but social skills develop on their own. A stronger education will help define stronger social skills.
    This happens sometimes, especially in farm communities. Parent team up and use their strengths to teach.
    In the US, in most states, all homeschooled student have to be visited by a licensed teacher every so often so students do not fall behind a standard.
    Sounds like you had the same experience I had. I hated school until I was homeschooled, than I learned at my pace, quickly, I learned more and I didn't have to wait for anyone else to catch up before moving on to the next lesson. I had more free time to do the things I wanted to do.
    Yes. But they wont have any social issues unless you didn't raise them well.
    Again the social argument. This is so common a thought and so untrue.
    I agree with you. In the us it is about pushing kids thru more than focusing on the educational aspect. The current US system focuses on the wrong things and misses the one that really need help and drag down those that can excel well independently.
    You are so very wrong. If given the right motivation and material a child will learn past their parent limitations and excel, this has happened many times. I personally know several kids that parents did not graduate high school, they homeschooled and motivated their kids to learn better than they did. In the end the parents became the students while their children became the teachers because with some help the parent were able to set a good foundation for the children and in high school the children were giving the lessons to their parents at the same time they were learning it.
    You have the freedom to not believe me but this is a true story.
    Very true. Home Schooling by law (in the US) has to be overseen by licensed teachers to ensure students are keeping up with standards.
    Very true.
    Homeschoolers can still participate in public school sport, most states support dual enrollment for this purpose. Though some districts are still fighting for this. I am sorry to see you missed out.
    This can happen sometimes, especially if the kid is a single child. But this is not uncommon for single children that were public schooled the whole time as well.
    You are correct a parent cannot provide the same environment but that part of the reason as well. Homeschool children have more time to spend with their parents, this is part of the reason.
    I apologize if this lengthy but I wanted to reply to all everybody. If I miss you it is because you replied while I typed this up.
    Apologies for lack of reference links as I am working on getting those, they are not in my possession. I have to request permission to scan and post the letters my dad has. As for the studies I will have to find online version to get to them. My dad has those studies but due to the source and the position he held at the time he had access to them I cannot scan them post them with the authors permission and that is impossible for me at this time, they are public but just not the versions my dad has, they are official documents.
    *2nd edit
    see my post further in I have added links on studies and articles. I will add more links later.
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    lutewan reacted to AlwaysFSX in Crazy Fluctuations in Core Temps (I Think)   
    Reading be too hard.
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    lutewan got a reaction from RevoltTrain in Do you guys still do LAN parties?   
    the last wan i went to. one guy bought a wii-u and we played 8-player smash
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    lutewan got a reaction from RevoltTrain in Do you guys still do LAN parties?   
    lans are so much better then getting on skype and playing together
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    lutewan got a reaction from Xsinar in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    oh ok i guess i wouldn't understand since im just a janitor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    lutewan reacted to Mentalguy in The Few.. The Proud..   
    as a marine and owner of amd products, i have an urge to kick you in the dick.
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    lutewan got a reaction from cesrai in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    oh ok i guess i wouldn't understand since im just a janitor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    lutewan got a reaction from Skybane in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    but i thought i was the janitor?
    god damn it i lost my job my mom is going to be so pissed
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    lutewan got a reaction from themaniac in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    oh ok i guess i wouldn't understand since im just a janitor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    lutewan got a reaction from Charger in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    but i thought i was the janitor?
    god damn it i lost my job my mom is going to be so pissed
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    lutewan got a reaction from MyInnerFred in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    oh ok i guess i wouldn't understand since im just a janitor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    lutewan reacted to MyInnerFred in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    The more janitors the cleaner the place is. I'll have more people to scoop up the trash!
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    lutewan got a reaction from X_Rated_Box in [1000 Posts Giveaway] ENDED [Winners are in the 2nd Post]   
    its nice to see giveaways from forum members
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    lutewan reacted to RedSphyxis in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    Found this gem of a wallpaper neko akatsuki

    it's just 1080p though
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    lutewan reacted to Real_PhillBert in :( Guess who made £4.8 Milllion last year (from his fanbase of 8 year olds)   
    Why the ?
    He has created a very successful Channel for himself. 
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    lutewan reacted to ICantThinkOfAnyGoodName in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    Some random stuff that comes to my mind:Spice and wolf
    Kantai collection
    Assassination classroom
    Psycho Pass
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    lutewan reacted to KingCry in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
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    lutewan got a reaction from Skybane in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    hey man i been here since like the first week weres the senior membership man? /s
    i dont really care, its not like i ever comment here
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    lutewan reacted to Aytex in Problems with asking for likes for another video   
    I think your over thinking this mate...
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    lutewan got a reaction from Yuval in It's so hot!   
    wtf are you guys complaining about it was like
    41c yesterday
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    lutewan got a reaction from supercrafter in I am just going to keep posting this until I get an answer   
    look up the manual for your mobo if u dont have it
    moving my hdd from one slot to another fixed the a2 error code
    try runing it with one stick of ram no gpu no hhd/ssd
    having the manual is useful because it tells you what is what
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    lutewan reacted to blu4 in Disturbed fans reunite!   
    I am so hyped for this album. Out of the blue they just posted this- love the song.
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    lutewan got a reaction from Xsinar in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    i dont think the kid should have been suspended
    maybe a parent counselor meeting would be best for the kid?