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    lutewan got a reaction from yathis in how tall is linus?   
    7 in shorter then me
  2. Informative
    lutewan reacted to Pendragon in laptop for general use   
    I stand corrected. In addition to the Y700 17in, you can get a N170RF from Newegg
    ^ the two links above are the same laptop different retailer. I prefer these because they have a 965m, but the Y700 17in is also extremely good.
  3. Informative
    lutewan reacted to LinusTech in I think LTT makes up a majority of Vessel views...   
    IT's late and I'm both hungry and tired from shooting Scrapyard Wars (which by the way is an LTT series and will be airing ad-supported on YouTube very soon for your viewing pleasure).
    But there are a few points to address and you've already been patient enough.
    I said LMG content would always be free. This was poor wording on my part. There has always been content produced by me and my team that was not necessarily available on a free platform like YouTube.
    These "The Boost" videos that we make on contract as a sales training resource for Intel, for example:
    In much the same way, Vessel has contracted LMG the production company to create an original series for their platform. They bankrolled the whole thing, giving us an opportunity to make something that otherwise would have been too costly, and per the licensing agreement they own the right to exploit this content. It's their show until such time as they decide it's not anymore.
    We played more of a "production company" role in this than we're accustomed to.
    This could, and SHOULD have been communicated better, and for that I'm sorry. The community should have heard about this from us FIRST, and not from a random email newsletter, but I've been (and so has the whole team) absolutely busting ass to not only get Nerd Sports produced, but also make sure that we're keeping up with everything else that we've got going on including not having missed a single day of LTT uploads for something like 5 years..
    With that said, quantity isn't everything, and I've noticed that not everyone has appreciated the LTT content as much as usual lately, but it's hard for me to tell if that's because they don't like our new direction (fewer reviews, and more exploratory or experimental videos) or if they just saw a video or two they didn't like and raised hell in the comment section - it wouldn't be the first time.. And I will say, too, that honestly if a couple of the videos felt rushed then it's probably because they were.. HOWEVER, the primary reason for the rushed videos was  the entire week we're taking off this week to film Scrapyard Wars Season 4, which will be premiering on Vessel sometime in the next few weeks or so, followed by a release on YouTube 1 week later, which is the standard agreement for OUR content that is paid for by LMG or our sponsors.
    Nerd Sports was shot 40% during evenings and weekends with employees taking time in lieu later on when we hire some more staff or when things slow down a little. We were careful to avoid disrupting any of our other commitments because imo you guys deserve the best we can deliver.
    Which is another point that was brought up in this thread - "How will LMG keep its commitment to maintain the pace and quality of the other content if they're making Nerd Sports or other contractual content?"
    We couldn't. We're hiring.
    I've never shied away from investing in more staff or better equipment or a better facility to make sure that we're doing our best for ourselves, each other, our sponsors and our viewers. If we play our cards right, absolutely everyone wins.
    Nerd Sports has been a fantastic learning experience for us, and whether we continue the series with Vessel, create other completely different web series in the future, or just say "fudge it" and flip burgers from now on, we'll be able to do those things better than we could have without having done this.
    So bottom line is this. I screwed up the way I communicated "LMG content", which was meant to be content funded BY Linus Media Group rather than content funded entirely by and licensed to a 3rd party, and I screwed up in a MUCH bigger way the LACK of communication about this project. Sorry guys.
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    lutewan got a reaction from Madfang in How do you eat steaks?   
    with a knife and fork?
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    lutewan reacted to Paralectic in What do you think of PewDiePie this year.   
    I luckily didn't watch any of his videos, so I'm fine.
    To all the haters here who probably have 10 subs and no good content, keep doing that I guess.
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    lutewan reacted to BLCT in What do you think of PewDiePie this year.   
    Oh no, dont get me wrong! He's pretty funny, I watch him myself! 
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    lutewan got a reaction from wolfgang in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    oh yeah lol. I guess I didn't really think that through.
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    lutewan got a reaction from Vitalius in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    oh yeah lol. I guess I didn't really think that through.
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    lutewan got a reaction from Vitalius in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    does anyone know how to makes gifs and if so you could you do me a favor and make a looping gif of the first few seconds of this video https://www.facebook.com/Crunchyroll/videos/10153489522259340/
    How is that game? I was thinking about getting it. Tales of symphonia was my favorite game on GameCube and one of my favorite games overall.
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    lutewan reacted to wolfgang in Anime Club - Heaven Society   
    Little annoyed with my computer.
    cant play Tales of Zesteria because it keeps crashing on me.
    Sniper Elite nazi zombie army keeps kicking me to desktop every couple minutes.
    Did order a few cds this weekend. Not sure when they will show up because they are coming from japan.
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    lutewan reacted to ATrollAaaNnnnn in Do you have more time than money or more money than time?   
    I currently have a near equal amount of time and money. Though being a college student i have little of either.
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    lutewan reacted to Kherm in Linus's first (public) Video   
    You can do the same thing on Youtube
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    lutewan reacted to MyInnerFred in Heaven Society - Week 68 (Nichijou)   
    This week's series is hand picked!
    If you haven't already be sure you join the forum wide giveaway!

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    lutewan reacted to techswede in Favourite Jedi/dark Jedi/ sith   
    Old republic era
    Couldn't give any less of a shit about disneys "canon"
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    lutewan got a reaction from Nexxus in Fake Amazon black Friday sennheisers HD 598 SE   
    yeah I think it might just be a bug with the authentication process
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    lutewan reacted to Nexxus in Fake Amazon black Friday sennheisers HD 598 SE   
    Alot of people are complaining that the sennheisers HD 598 SEthey picked up off of Amazon on black Friday are fake units. It is highly recommended to look into it when you get them. Alot of them are failing sennheisers authentication check.
    To make matters even more complicated though the alleged fakes don't seem to follow known patterns of the old fakes.
    Some say the units they get are fake.
    Some say real
    Some say sennheisers authentication databases isn't up to date
    Its been recommended if your headset does fail to contact sennheiser and apparently they can walk you through figuring out if your units are real. So do that before disputing with your CC/PayPal or contacting amazon.
    Some links about the subject
    Check your headphones (apparently notoriously undependable though, if you fail to pass dont panic, contact sennheiser directly)
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    lutewan got a reaction from C_Mike in Santa's Workshop V3 (Santa Hat Avatars)   
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    lutewan reacted to C_Mike in Santa's Workshop V3 (Santa Hat Avatars)   

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    lutewan reacted to winningsince1337 in Gun Safety Fingerprint Sensor Aims To Prevent Tragic Accidents   
    This is a horrible idea. For perspective, if I was going to do something illogical and kill people, I sure as hell wouldn't use a gun. I'd just drive my 300 HP SUV at 100 mph into a kindergarten classroom. That'd do way more damage than a shooting spree. The gun isn't the problem, it's the people. But instead of taking responsibility for not parenting their children properly, people like to blame a machine instead. You see, if they were to make this mandatory the government could control firearms. And if you think the government should do that, I suggest you move to a country such as England or some other European country. You can't remove guns or control them, there are far too many for that to be remotely success. And guns save more lives than they kill. Even all the homicides in the US don't come near to the level of drunk driving deaths or car accident deaths. So logically we'd have to ban cars first because they're far too 'dangerous'. However, you can make people better. And making people better will save lives all around.
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    lutewan got a reaction from NeatSquidYT in ShadowCaptain's 20k Post giveaway thread! - Extended to 23rd   
    man I remember when you only had 1k those were the good days
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    lutewan got a reaction from ShadowCaptain in ShadowCaptain's 20k Post giveaway thread! - Extended to 23rd   
    man I remember when you only had 1k those were the good days
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    lutewan reacted to ShadowCaptain in ShadowCaptain's 20k Post giveaway thread! - Extended to 23rd   
    20k Post giveaway!
    Well, it happened, I hit 20k posts….. if I did one post a day, that would mean it would take nearly 55 years to hit 20k posts just to put that into perspective
    As with my 10k milepost, its giveaway time
    This will be WORLDWIDE giveaway, the only people excluded from winning are 1 post accounts since they do not contribute to the forum!
    There will be 2 prizes, because I am nice like that!!!!
    Prize 1 - A Custom ShadowCaptain T shirt - you can have a tshirt with my face on it! the photo will be unique to the t-shirt, I will take a photo, get it printed, and then the photo deleted
    Prize 2 - A custom mouse mat…. with my face on it….because everyone wants that
    To enter the competition, just post below and I will use a random number generator to find the winners!  
    Competition runs for 1 week, I will draw a winner Monday 16th!
     Good luck babes :wub: :wub:   :wub:   :wub:   :wub:   :wub:   :wub:

    Hey Everyone! Thanks for entering so far!! I am extending the competition for another week, since I don't get paid until the 25th


    I will do the draw on the 23rd and place the order on the 25th


    Good Luck!!!!

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    lutewan got a reaction from Snickerzz in What's wrong with Payday 2?   
    haha haa ha ... ha steam support ha ha
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    lutewan reacted to ThatOneRussian in (Rumour) Nintendo could be collaborating closely with AMD to create hardware for the NX console   
    Please stop shitposting on the news with fucking rumours