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    trapped send help
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    pc biking traveling
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    right now im trapped were I live but I plan on traveling in the near future
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    i5 4670k
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    r9 290
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    1TB sshd
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    evga 650 watt
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    some random headphone that i got for free
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    win 8.1

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  1. looking for a laptop that's under 1150$ location:California not close enough to a mircocenter would cost more in gas then I would save. needs ssd (+hdd 1tb would be nice but not required) and thats about it wight doesn't really mater to me screen size - the larger the better I do plan on some gaming but i already have a desktop this mostly will be for downloading games since where i live theirs no internet besides satellite
  2. yo I was a person here and then I wasn't and then I am again

  3. he entertains millions of people everyday so what if he makes alot of money? also he donates a shit ton of money to charities
  4. you make him sound like he is an asshole outside of youtube from what I can tell he seems like a pretty legit guy
  5. you dont need to spend the money once you get it just save it also that is alot of cash to build someones pc
  6. damn its going to be hard to resist
  7. oh yeah lol. I guess I didn't really think that through.
  8. does anyone know how to makes gifs and if so you could you do me a favor and make a looping gif of the first few seconds of this video https://www.facebook.com/Crunchyroll/videos/10153489522259340/ How is that game? I was thinking about getting it. Tales of symphonia was my favorite game on GameCube and one of my favorite games overall.
  9. I could work more but I dont like working so I got way too much time
  10. I hate hot weather. I will pass on two suns