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  1. I managed to fix it what I had to do was removed my graphics card and put it back in how weird
  2. unfortunately I didn't work i did what you said but after i pressd restart my monitors both said no signal then went black and the motherboard displayed A6 error again
  3. when i turn on my pc and it is booting my monitors ( i have two ) remain blank for a while and then directly load to Windows Login screen ( the PC works fine ) skipping any change of pressing del or 12 to enter my BIOS, but if i do spam del or 12 when my pc monitors are black and booting nothing happens it just freezes and the motherboard displays A6 error , any help ?
  4. so when i go in to device manager go to network adapters then scroll down to maximum number of RSS queues it only says 2 i want 4 , so i go to registry editor go down the correct paths to where the rss queues this is where it gets abit weird i have ( default ) then 1 rss queues 2 rss queues then 4 rss queues but no 3 rss queues. my question is to get 4 rss queues to work in network adapter should i delete 4 rss queues then make a number 3 and 4 queues ? or will that brick my pc ?
  5. Because I changed my motherboard after it died a death ( i don't know it's model sorry but it was msi XD ) my old one used UEFI and it just seemed alot batter when gaming with the same GPU and CPU. oh really i thought i could just reinstall windows and there was a way to select install in " UEFI mode " and it would just then boot and run that way with out having to disable CSM and having to format everything to GPT first ?
  6. so i have a 390 AORUS ULTRA motherboard which I know is UEFI enabled but when i go to system information it says my bios mode is Legacy does anyone know why this is and how to change this to UEFI ?. also my bios doesn't have an option for a UEFI or Legacy " boot mode " 190613220134.BMP