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    AidenTheBotLol got a reaction from lawful73 in How to set Cloudflare DNS in Airport Time Capsule? and How to go back to ISP DNS? Thank you!.   
    Okay so your modem should be in bridged mode which is used when you are passing the signal from one router to another so its not so bad that its in bridged... now it depends on how you do the DNS test because if it is locally on your PC it will come up as your router in most cases. What you can do is https://www.dnsleaktest.com run the test on that site and if the results come back as Cloudflare then you are using cloudflare as your DNS otherwise the other modem/router is filtering it but go ahead and try it 
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    AidenTheBotLol got a reaction from Engineer.AI in Hulu on Roku not working   
    Sorry for me being late but I have found a fix in my case... I reset my Modem and my router (which also resolved speed issues that I was having on the network)
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    AidenTheBotLol got a reaction from Engineer.AI in Hulu on Roku not working   
    I just set my DNS to and I will get back later tonight to report if I am still having the same issue or not. (I also reset my modem and my edge router)
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    AidenTheBotLol got a reaction from Falcon1986 in Need Help with WiFi   
    Quick Fix: Run an Ethernet cable to the 2nd and third floor and connect an access point.
    Long Term: Get some type of Access point system like UniFi's AP's or I think linksys has some that will connect via mesh so that you don't have to go into your WiFi settings and change which floor your on.