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  1. Here are a few more pictures of the building process. It took a month to make the case (since I was only working at night, have limited tools, and live in an apartment).
  2. It's a mini Itx build. Sorry, but I made the case myself. However my inspiration for it was the ghost s1 so you might check that one out. https://www.louqe.com/
  3. I built this PC earlier around February. The case is custom made out of acrylic sheets and wrapped with 3m vynyl. Inside is an i9-9900k, 1080ti, 32GB of ram at 3200mhz on the asus z390i. The processor is cooled with a Corsair H115i 280mm radiator. Here is a video of it https://youtu.be/5PZX2VfTb8o