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  1. Thanks for your response. I have tried this but same thing apprently G hub is very buggy and there are multiple issues around such as this. Guess i just have to put up with it.
  2. Thanks for your response. Unfortunately have ensured it isnt drivers and tried reinstalling Logitech G Hub which is the most current and recommended software for this mouse
  3. As the title suggests, Logitech G Pro wireless battery percentage always showing 50% in G Hub. Anyone know why this is or how i can fix this?
  4. There are a few different ones they have but im not sure which one may or may not fit and at $30 a pop, im not willing to go for a trial and error approach haha. Thanks i might email them.
  5. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows of a product (perhaps a comaptible Cable Mod option) that i can use to wrap my Cooler Master ML360R tubes in white? I was looking at the AIO sleeves from Cable Mod but they dont state if its compatible with my AIO and seem to be quite limited. Wondering if anyone has tried or knows what i could go for to get the tubes wrapped in white? Thanks.
  6. Good point. I might just leave it as normal in this case. Thanks for all your help.
  7. @SuperStreetFighter @Bombastinator Hi guys, im talking about the actual pump on my AIO which has a radiatior and 3 fans btw (Cooler Master ML360R). The 3 fans on the raditor are fine and are being controlled by the motherboard at different temps, the setting is called "normal" i.e adjusts itself. Im using CPU_OPT for the pump 3 pin fan connection. Im getting so many mixed answers as to whether i should set it as normal (adjusts as temps change) in the BIOS or full speed (at 100% constantly).
  8. Thanks for your replies. So many different opinions from people on whether to keep it as normal and let the motherboard adjust the fan speed as temps change or to keep it at full speed constantly. So torn.
  9. Right, so on the BIOS change it from "full speed", to "normal"?
  10. Hi, As the title suggests, i want to know whether it is correct to be running my AIO pump 3 pin fan at 100% constantly? I have a Cooler Master ML360R. Thank you.
  11. It has been at full speed for about 30 minutes now and is still making quite loud slushing sounds. Should i be concerned at this point or consider putting it back to "normal"?
  12. Okay so youre saying leave it at 100% and the slushing noise should go away? It is quite loud and literally sounds like water moving around (obviously considering that is probably what is happening). How long do you expect it to do this for before it seems abnormal and to operate quietly (as it does when the fan speed was at "normal" in the BIOS rather than "full speed"?
  13. Okay i see. I have noticed after turning it to full speed constantly, it is making a constant noise of like water slushing around. Is this normal? Should i definitely be leaving it at full speed?
  14. I have set it to full speed and hopefully it's okay. How do i know if its 12V?
  15. So how can i check that is happening? The header is 12V (CPU_OPT) and its running at full speed?
  16. Thanks for your comment. Please see the below response and concern i have
  17. I see, i have it plugged into the CPU_OPT at the moment. My only concern is that i have heard the 3 pin fan connectors coming from AIO pumps need to always run at 100%, 12V, full speed constantly. So im not sure how to determine if this is happening on the CPU_OPT header i currently have it in (or any header i plug it in for that matter).
  18. Correct, the 3 pin connector off the pump. Im not sure whether this is to be plugged into a sys_fan header or the CPU_OPT header (ive seen different people plug it into different ones). I would like to know which header is the correct one to plug it into. Thanks for your reply.
  19. Hi, I have a Cooler Master ML360R and as you may know there is very limited supprting documentation. I am confused as to where i plug in the 3 pin fan cable coming off the cooler. There are 2 cables which come out of it, one is RGB i believe and the other is a 3 pin connector which i assume is like a secondary fan? (happy for someone to advise exactly what it is). Should this secondary 3 pin fan connector plug into a sys_fan header on the motherboard or the CPU_OPT header or something else? Please note i am not using any of the controllers, it is all wired direct with no controller. P
  20. Okay well given it's not necessary, i will probably just leave it considering its safe to. I really appreciate all your help.
  21. Okay thank you. Considering im not familiar with timings, i am not going to touch it for now as you said. How will i know if i do need to change it?
  22. Okay and in what circumstance would i need to change it? Would it be ideal to just change it from the start or leave it as you say and just change to 3600?
  23. What about timings or anything else i may not be aware of? Its CL16 and i havent changed anything to do with timings (as im not too familiar with this either).