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  1. Hello, Sorry for taking so long to reply. The problem is no more. I removed the battery and then powered on the machine (after adding the battery again) and it was fixed. Thanks for the response anyways!!
  2. Today my mothers laptop showed a problem that's a first for me. Firstly the keyboard and trackpad don't do anything (Her MX Master can connect and operate normally). I went ahead and restarted it since that fixes most of my problems XD. I restarted at 6:05 PM and now its 8:24 PM with it still being rebooting. I searched on google but I couldn't find anything. A Hard Reboot (or whatever its called) doesn't do anything.... I would really appreciate your help since we are in quarantine and the laptop is needed. Thanks in advance!!
  3. Thanks for the answer. I forgot XD. They are Ryzen 5 2600 and a 2060 super AMP from Zotac. Not so power hungry components. Power supply is a Gigabyte B700h 80+ plus Bronze which was bought for a 1050 ti G1 Gaming and what I thought a 2060 Ventus but I got some more budget ad got the 2060 super. Now when I play euro truck or car mechanic simulator the psu coil whines on car mechanic sim high pitched sound except when on low where theres no problem and on euro truck sim it sounds like its hitting a cable or something but it doesn't hit anything. Anyways, the Be Quiet 80 plus platinum 750w or 850
  4. I am in the market for a new PSU, because I found out that mine has coil whine (though it isn't just high pitch sound but its a buzzing noise that drives me crazy). Since I don't know if I'll upgrade my GPU into a 3000 Ampere card or a RX 6000 Series one I don't know what to buy. All I know is that I want to be sure I have headroom even if I upgrade and also have a quality unit that is better than my B700h from Gigabyte. I am between two units: Be Quiet Straight Power 11 850W 80+ Platinum or Gold NZXT C850W 80+ Plus Gold The site that i'll use is: https://www.skrou
  5. I sent it to the shop I had bought it from and they tested it with a GPU and with an APU (the motheroard) again the same thing with the GPU they used another system with it. Only thing I haven't sent back because I didn't think it was worth using the warranty (its not that good of a unit) is the psu. Thinking about buying a Seasonic GX650 I think its called.
  6. The motherboard is an Asus TUF B450-Pro Gaming and the CPU is a Ryzen 2600. Only other thing I haven't mentoned is that I have corsair vengenace clocked at 3200mhz (overclocked from 3000mhz) and a 4TB HDD and 128GB SSD. The case is a 280x from corsair which has ok airflow
  7. I have a long lasting problem with my computer. When playing a game (not every time) a buzzing electrical-like sound is being produced by a part of the computer. I think that the problem is my GPU, a Zotac 2060 SUPER. I sent the card back to the shop I bought from and they didn't find a problem. Then a week later the received my motherboard which also was alright according to them. My PSU is a Gigabyte B700h 80+ Bronze which I bought for my old 1050 ti (I sold it, so I cannot test the system with it). The thing that's been bothering me though is that when I stopped my cards fan the pc froze. C
  8. Yeah thats what I think aswell!!
  9. Yes and I've tried all of them (the ones that make sense to try, like not the radiator screws)
  10. Its new, or it was because I bought it like 6 months ago. I press a bit and the card doesn't hang but sits tightly. I'm not sure if it being tightly is good or not.
  11. Well it has a manual but I dont see a place where it says anything.
  12. Hello, Had a quick question. My Corsair 280x didn't come with any screws for the holes of my GPUs I/O bracket. Do I just let it loose or do I give it a little force and make the I/O of the GPU sit against those holes?? (The holes poke out a little)
  13. Tho the sound stops when fiddling around with the pcie connectors
  14. Hello, I uploaded a week ago a thread were I had a problem with my GPUs fan which was buzzing. I stopped the fan with my fingers and the sound stopped. I suspected the PSU is faulty because it ls not a really good unit. I ordered a new one but it hasn't arrived yet. The problem is that the sound only came up when the card was cooling down and now it happens when the card is at idle. These thing happens at around 40C which idles at or close to that because of the hot weather. Lastly I want to mention that when I hit the front panel of my case the sound goes away. I shared a recording
  15. Ok thanks you again. It will take 2 -7 business days to ship the psu strating from today so I'll probably know in a week!!
  16. Ok so I am buying the Seasonic one right now, thanks a lot!!
  17. Ok thanks a lot, I was going with the seasonic one. What do you think about the electrical buzzing gpu fan? When fiddling around with the pcie connectors it stops but only in certain position when holdling it. Could it be the psu? Its sagging a little bit but thats not the problem I think!!
  18. The be quiet it before shipping 106 euros and the seasonic 108. after shipping again the are 1 or 2 euros different. Also I need to add that with my previous card my 1050 ti G1 gaming there was no problem. Lastly another problem I have with the psu s that when playing car mechanic simulator 2018 if the settings are beyond low settings the psu starts to make a really really really high piched sound depending on what camera angle I have. Would you like me to send you a recording of the gpu eletrical buzzing?
  19. Hello everyone!! I have a problem lately with my PSU (Gigabyte B700H). The GPU (2060 Super AMP) makes, when cooling down the card makes an electric buzzing (not coil whine) because it sounds like its hitting something but its not. I found out ,though that when fiddling around with the pcie connectors that in certain positions the sound stops,so I posted a thread here but I did not really get an answer on what that means (if anyone has a theory on what I should do,by all means say it). Now for the real question is the Be Quiet Straight Power 11 650W or the Seasonic Focus-GX-650W better?
  20. I thought that Corsair reccomends an SFX-L but I watch a lot of case reviews so I may be wrong. I'll probably go with the straight power 550w but if I find more money I'll go with the 650w variant, thanks for the help.
  21. Ok, and also is the be quiet sflx 600w any good? I have the 280x from Corsair. I that I can put an ATX psu just wondering.
  22. I'll check em out. Am I the only one who thinks that psu's have gone up in price? I want to make sure that these are all better than a B700H from gigabyte cause thats what I have
  23. I am powering a Ryzen 5 2600 and a 2060 Super AMP edition. The site: https://www.skroutz.gr/ I wanted to upgrade my psu because of a problem which occures when my gpu is cooling down and it starts making an electrical buzzing sound which can be stopped by fiddling around with the connectors(the pcie connectors)