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  1. sorry for the super late response. So i reinstalled windows right now, so far nothings wrong, but i havent updated my gpu drivers yet. that kind of makes me think its the gpu driver. Im going to install the driver the old way instead of using geforce experience. ill keep you updated
  2. its kind of hard to see since it just locks/unlocks and just goes back to normal. looking at task manager. says 100% cpu usage but when i look at my usage/temps on nzxt cam..its low usage compared.
  3. so 2 nights ago my pc was acting completely normal, i turned it off before going to bed. Turned it on the next morning and hopped on destiny 2, started to notice it would fps drop every few mins just for a quick second. Then i close my game and notice its still happening even in common window tasks, even just having nothing open i would just move my cursor around and notice skips here and there. I really dont know where to start to try and figure this out. Any help would be greatly appreciated . Even typing this right now i experience stutters(locks up for a brief second)
  4. What’s a good price for a used i7-6700k with a msi z170a mobo?
  5. okay, im pretty sure ill go with the 750 gold from evga, or is there a better brand?
  6. I am going to be building a new system in a few days and still haven't decided on the PSU yet, im going to be running a OC I7 9700k along with a ASUS ROG RTX 2070 Super STRIX... Should i got with an 850 watt gold or a 750 watt gold?
  7. I’m going to be upgrading my pc this Black Friday and I am getting a new psu as well. can I use my the cable extensions from my old psu for my new psu? I wanna keep the same color theme so that’s why I am asking .
  8. ok thank you, ill talk to him and give him the options
  9. So my friend bought a pc from someone and then added a gtx 1070 to it and can get 90 FPS but he gets a lot of frame drops. I have a 1070 with a 6700k and I’m running at 144 FPS no prolem... Is it possible that this cpu is bottlenecking it? Cpu Amd Fx-8320 vishera 8 core also an image of the complete pc when he bought it. Only this upgraded was the gpu to 1070. btw he plays fortnite low settings
  10. Thanks for your feedback!
  11. thanks for your suggestion, i will certainly look into it