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  1. Update: Don't do what I did; when you change drive letters and one includes your Outlook folders so they don't get deleted when/if your system drive fails/gets swapped... ALWAYS remember to make sure Outlook is pointed at the right drive letter, so it knows where to find the flippin' mail folders/settings...!
  2. Have you tried adding the components in that list to PC Part Picker? It will give you a minimum in a box at the top, like this: Add about 20% to that for headroom.
  3. If you mean audio OUT, I'd suggest that you can; audio RETURN, however... unlikely.
  4. I guess my brain isn't so easily tricked... like Jabba the Hutt being immune to "Jedi mind tricks".
  5. The only feelings I get from ASMR videos are ones of infuriation... I have to avoid watching that type of video in case I commit egregious damage to my PC & its connected hardware. I will NEVER watch an ASMR video, even if it IS tech related and has someone I'm familiar with in it.
  6. That link returned a 404 error... *sceptical mode - engaged". EDIT: May be a regional exclusion...
  7. Is it linkable...? It could be a way for a retailer to "get shot" of some slower moving stock. BE WARY of "get out clauses" that may make the deal a bad one, if what they "want you to buy" becomes unavailable... and NEVER pay up front.
  8. Do you "need" to upgrade... or have a few hundred $ screaming to be spent...??
  9. They went through a phase of claiming the 2060 Super as the minimum graphics card any one should ever consider... LOL
  10. Aside from the "market price" of the graphics card, I offer this list with a cpl.changes 'for the better'.
  11. Not entirely sure why I got the two AER F140mm units I have as intake, currently... they're too noticeable, as it stands. I'm considering a pair of Shadow Wings 2 to replace them, but would a pair of these be better, instead?
  12. PC = Personal Computer... is it a Laptop PC or a Desktop PC? Please don't confuse yourself with generic labelling of machines where it isn't needed.
  13. I have an ideal vision of: Two 140mm Shadow Wings for intake Two 120mm Shadow Wings for exhaust One Silent Wings 120mm on the Pure Rock (think that's the stock cooler, anyway) That said, trying to find an identical setup WITH those fans is about as high as an MSRP 30-series, so I ain't holdin' my breath... IIRC, don't Arctic use P & F for pressure & airflow, resp. ...?
  14. I feared that being the case (no pun intended)...
  15. Looking for fans - as in "not buying today" - for my Meshify C... and possibly my Pure Rock cooler. Candidates: Shadow Wings (Silent Wings, for cooler?) NZXT AER F (or P, for cooler?) Fractal Design Dynamic X2 - stock Meshify C Must be 4-pin PWM, no RGB & 120 (exhaust/cooler) or 140 (intake). Quiet preferred; high airflow would be nice.
  16. The main problem with the demand for newer cards is that some portion of it is unrealistically grounded. Soooo many people seems to want newer cards for JUST that reason - they're new. If you blind tested the exact same machine with various graphics cards & asked people what's the minimum they're happy with, many would choose a system with a lesser card than what is current w/o realising. Gamers should be more readily tailoring their games to the hardware... and NOT the other way round. I can't see that anyone with a 20-series card realistically "needs" a 30-seri
  17. Has anyone else recently had Outlook "fall over" for no apparent reason? I click/push F9 & it refuses to even trying to send/receive. OK, a possible reason for me could be changing drive letters, but all the data files got 'pointed at' subsequently & it still refuses to work. I've confirmed all the ports, authentications, addresses & passwords. I've even tried "Repair" (internal Office repair?) Looking for any further advice as to what to try - a different Client is NOT what I'm looking for.
  18. The ones with the silvery barrel parts are likely to be older F (pre-AI) lenses. One looks like some variant of a Nikkor 80-200mm f/4. Another could be a Series-E 50mm f/1.8. The lens details will be 'written' on the outer ring of the front end of the lenses. Make a few notes & list the details here. On the newer lenses, the details are written in gold, under the focus distance scale.
  19. None of that eqpt. is all that new, so shifting it/realising its true value will take a lot of time, even effort. Whoever had use of it previously was a reasonably well-versed photographer, but many of that calibre these days will have or want better eqpt. than that. EDIT: Another (cynical) observation I'll make is that all the images of the eqpt. are sufficiently vague enough as to not want details to be seen too clearly... as if there's something to hide.
  20. You need to initialise from the square box that says Disk 0, not the long box (the partition readout) next to it. Correct, @YeaTheMen...?