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  1. I'm just gonna buy the 2070 super and upgrade when there's actual stock next year
  2. Nvidia Samsung foundry = paper launch becasue the yealds suck so it will be sold out buy the time I can get one I waited on launch for the 3080 I blinked and it was sold out I'm not doing that again. If it was tsmc we wouldn't be having this problem and Jensen over hyped this Launch so those that actually need a video card cant get one....
  3. Yes I know I should upgrade but nvidia is a paper launch because their ****tards My rx 580 is getting black screens more often now and I'm Not sure I should wait for actual stock for nvidia or big navi what do I do i can get a 2070 super for a little over six hundred and that would be an upgrade plus I'm only planing on playing at 1440p what should I do?
  4. thats fine im looking at high refresh rate monitor but that only for some games i dont esport more just fallout or single player titles but once and a while i do play call of duty it just cyberpunk mujst be played at max settings it look to good not to.
  5. ok hmm i was planning on going 1440p if no ray tracing then reshade and hdr
  6. naw its been doing this for about a year or more now it just getting worse now and i live in housing were my rent is a third of my icome so i finally can save enough moneys to get something good that will last me a while.
  7. i wanna play cyberpunk 2077
  8. thats why ive saved up all year
  9. i only have enough for a 3080 or a 3070 and im low income ive saved up all year for one of the new cards.
  10. not a fanboy but i have to upgrade i keep getting black screens with my rx 580 so i need tol buy one soon.
  11. what graphics cards should i get for 1440p gaming at 144hz the 3070 or the 3080
  12. That's the thing it worked for moths just fine with it at 3600 and like I said I tried another kit and still the Same problem Edit last time it posted it was at 2133 so idk
  13. Now it was only showing the cpu led but it posted just a sec ago and it showed all the specs of my cpu
  14. I was running a x570 gaming pro carbon 3600x at 3600 that the xmp profile that works with it its now showing the cpu and dram leds I think the mobo is faulty