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  1. Thanks for the help! I used to run an MSI Z390 tomahawk in my i5 9600k build so I can definitely appreciate the performance of an MSI board, but you are right unfortunately this won't fit my needs, since I will need to use a USB expansion card with it, it would end up costing the same price as getting a better board with the usb ports I need already built in. So far it looks like the gigabyte aorus offerings are gonna be my best bet if I want 8 or more USB ports, but they are still a bit above my price range, but I guess I could save money in other areas to pony up for the better bo
  2. Budget (including currency): ~$1000USD Country: US Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Mainly for gaming, will be playing AAA titles, some premiere pro editing. Other details I'm switching over from my Razer blade 15 advanced desktop setup which I run a caldigit ts3 plus daisy chaining to a Lenovo thinkpad tb3 docking station, this all powers my two monitors (1080p 144hz/1600x900 75hz) sennheiser gsx1000 Dac, KBM, and external SSDs. I'm planning on swapping out the laptop for a desktop, and most likely getting rid of the tb3 docks as well. I will be keep
  3. That's good to know, with that knowledge I'd say it's safe to assume, the adapter is definitely not working correctly and not that I bought the wrong kind of adapter so I might try to see if I can dig up a receipt to return it. I tested both adapters with the same drive and same USB cable as I stated, so it can't be either of them it's definitely the adapter itself.
  4. Thanks for the info, There's no TIM on either enclosure, But as I've stated, I already know the Volans is the problem (That's the blue PCB) the drives themselves are working completely fine, I'm just hoping to find out why the no matter what drive I put into it, the blue PCB is significantly slower and unreliable
  5. Some background info; I own two M.2 NVMe SSD to USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type C Enclosures, they both advertise a 10Gpbs throughput, one is the Simplecom SE503 and the other is the Volans VL-UCM2. (From now on, for time's sake, I'm going to refer to these as the Simplecom and Volans respectively) Generally, in the Simplecom, I have a 256GB NVMe drive that came factory installed in my 2019 Razer blade 15, and a 1TB Crucial P1 NVMe drive in the Volans. Here's the issu
  6. Thanks for the help guys, ISP's are horribly sneaky and I always knew that they did some shady stuff at the users expense for financial gain but I never realized it would be as frustrating as this!
  7. Thanks guy's I always used to use cloudflare DNS on my main desktop and overlooked changing my DNS when setting up this as my main PC. I've set my DNS to cloudflare's now. Hopefully this fixes the issue. I always changed my DNS to this because of privacy and faster internet speeds, but out of curiosity and closure with this issue, could you explain how having my current DNS set to auto would cause this issue?
  8. Im using a Razer Blade 15 Advanced (early 2019 model) and have a standard rj45 cat6 ethernet cable from my NBN home network router connected to my lenovo thinkpad dock which is also a hub for all my peripherals, connected to my laptop through thunderbolt 3 usb-c. Now when I enable usb debugging for network sharing on my phone and connect my phone to the dock through usb-c to usb-c (which the pc recognizes as a wired internet connection) my internet speeds are noticeably quicker, and I mean in just basic scenarios such as opening and loading webpages and the like. But here's wh
  9. Since I have the blade 15 it has its own proprietary charger, in which case, unless you have the blade stealth, a dock wont charge your blade. Only the stealth blades charge through USB, but it has charging capabilities and from what I understand, they do charge the lenovo thinkpads through the single cord, so I dont see why it wouldn't charge the stealth as well, but I cant make any guarantee's as I haven't tested it myself, I recommend looking into it before you buy it if that's an important feature to you
  10. I ended up going with a lenovo thinkpad usbc dock and it works great, supports 3 monitors just fine
  11. To anyone actually interested for future reference, after applying liquid metal, undervolting, matching the turbo boost short power max to the turbo boost power max, removing all the DPTF and making sure it doesn't come back, a bunch of other general system optimisations such as debloating, customising power plans, registy edits, ect. Im glad to share that i've gained more FPS on battery power to where most games are playable to a more acceptable level. All in all from absolutely everything ive done, (hardware and software tweaks included) I've gained about 20-30FPS which I tested by installin
  12. mate im not here to prove anything when did this become a debate lol? im just trying to get the most out of my laptop, you're wasting your time trying to convice me that "this is just how it is" i've already made significant improvements with more to come, which were suggested to me by people actually trying to help and not just prove a point. Someone on reddit suggested uninstalling Intel Thermal Framework so im going to look into that now.
  13. lol mine stays at 144hz, im not "salty" the answer was just redundant because as I stated in the original post, im aware that performance drops on battery power, but its dropping more than it should, and thats what im trying to resolve. You're obviously not trying to help though, so go be a smartass on someone elses thread ?
  14. lol I can game on this laptop on battery as is, it would run csgo, overwatch, fortnite, anno 1800, ect all above 60FPS and even up to 144FPS "gaming" on battery power is obviously feesible, just because I cant hit above 60FPS on AAA titles doesnt mean it cant game on battery power, im just wondering why it drop smore than half performance on battery power, ive applied liquid metal to the cpu and gpu dies along with other optimisations, its helped quite a bit but I think it can still get a bit more out of it. Not that you care lol but thanks for your completely useless comment!
  15. Thats a big statement, you sure you wanna stand by that?