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  1. Hi, I'm in the middle of building a new PC and just want yall's opinion on it. I got rtx 3080 and a 5800x. My PSU that I plan to use is the same one I've had since 2016, a EVGA supernova nex 750b. I've had no problems with it, and it's this would be the third system it's been in. I know that 750 watts is good enough for a 3080 and a 5800x, with room for overclocking, but that fact that's its almost 5 years old worries me just a bit. I've read that old PSU's, if made by a reliable manfuacter, can last for 10+ years. IDK if I should just go ahead and buy a 850 watt or just stick with this one. L
  2. So, I'm currently in the middle of building a new PC and have some questions. The case I got was the meshify C, for how much it cost, and airflow, I thought it was really good. Anyway, the thing I might need help is with my GPU. I ordered a MSI RTX 3080 Gaming X Trio 10G and after panic purchasing for a good deal, I noticed that the gpu is about 323 mm, while the Meshify C supports up to 315 mm with the case fans. I've read online that you can either move one fan down into the drive cave to make room, or move the fans behind the front pannel, so that it's basically touching the mes
  3. No,I deff own this pc. I used a 3rd party software to clone it...
  4. So just got a samsung ssd and wanted to move my os to there. So cloned my hard drive and now I want to delete everything except the os system. Tried deleting program files and program files x86, but It won't let me. Tried changing the owners and such in properties, but to no avail, still says no permission. Any ideas?
  5. Ok after doing some other stuff, I managed to make it 60hz. Now sure how, messing around where I plugged it in. Thanks for all the help anyways!
  6. Just checked that cable on my 2nd monitor, (1080, 60hz,) and it was 60 hz. diffidently not the cable
  7. I need 25 ft because of the distance. I don't think that's the issue though.
  8. just tried that, the screen then goes to "no signal."
  9. tried that, doesn't even give me a option, just 30 down to 23. Also just reinstalled nvida drivers, still the same.
  10. So I recently bought a 4k tv (VIZIO 50" Class V-Series 4K Ultra HD (2160p) Smart LED TV (V505-G9) (2019 Model) and I am using it as a 2nd "monitor" for my computer for movies, tv shows, ect... Fast forward a couple hours ago, I notice that the refresh rate is for some reason locked at 30. So I tried a couple of things. I firstly plugged directly into my GPU (1x GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (VR Ready) with the HDMI cable I bought just for it,(4K HDMI Cable / HDMI Cord (25 feet / 25 ft, HDMI to HDMI, TOP Series) supports (4K@60HZ,1080p FullHD, UHD / Ultra HD, 3D, High Speed with Ethernet, ARC, PS4,