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  1. I want my home server to connect to the VPN so that I can bypass my ISP restrictions, however, when I ping the VPS using the VPN IP ( with the port 21 or 25565 the connection times out and no data is received in the VPN, but if I ping my home server using from the VPS using the computer IP ( the connection is successful and I get a response. The command I'm using for pinging my home server is telnet 21 and I get the output Trying Connected to Escape character is '^]'. which means that the connection was su
  2. Hi, I'm trying to get my home server to be discoverable so that I can use it to store files and do backups while I'm out of home (eg. backing up photos from a week long camping trip remotely), however, I cannot make my home server visible to the extranet because my home network is under a NAT and I share my IP address with other home networks (ISP refuses to give me a dynamic single IP without paying a hefty amount) so the next best thing that I can do is rent a $5 VPS and forward all requests directly to my home server to bypass the port blocking of my ISP. I have succesfully set up OpenVPN o
  3. My ISP doesn't provide any static IP addresses and from what I found, I would need to set up a Dynamic DNS or something similar, but I'm not sure how complicated that would be, my router seems to support DDNS but I would need to look a little more into it
  4. oops, accidentally uploaded my post before finishing writing...
  5. Hi everyone, I want to set my own home server for a small website-gallery to put some photos on, I know this is not ideal to do on a residence network and at home because it simply is not cost effective, but I'm entering university this year into computer engineering and I really want to start setting up servers and learning this kind of stuff. However, there is a small problem to which I gave up looking online, this being that my ISP TOS doesn't allow any kind of self hosted website or service, this being public or private, on their network, this would be no problem if I wanted to host
  6. Sometimes repair shops detect a different issue than the one that is actually happens (just look at apple store genius program), I had a similar issue years ago with my work laptop, every time I picked it up a little to fast or placed it in the table while on it would just crash everything and gave weird funky screens and blue screens, the laptop was from 2014 and it was 2017 at the time so it was fairly old, after inspecting the issue I noticed that the problem was the hard drive (HDD), I installed windows on an external HDD that I had lying around and the issue was gone, later on I replaced
  7. As adm0n mentioned, right now is a horrible time to build a PC, is really hard to find the right components and also since AMD is about to release new CPU's and GPU's its hard to know if the new hardware its gonna bring more performance per dollar. However, here is a list of components I recommend if you want to build you computer right now. Keep in mind that I don't know how the prices for this components are on Denmark right now but here is a build that would be perfect for CS:GO and some other games. CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 Motherboard: Gigabyte B450 Aorus Eli
  8. Do you already have the peripherals (Monitor, keyboard, mouse) or do you also would like to get suggestions on those?
  9. It might be that you are drawing a lot of power from a single breaker, check if you have other high power things connected in the same line (Fridge, Microwave, Electric stove, Heater, AC, etc). If you have other high power systems on the same line I would suggest you to balance the load around your house, this can be a little tricky specially if you live in an apartment. It is better to have different breakers for each part of the house to prevent overloading a single breaker (hard to do but possible). If you have all the high power stuff connected to a single breaker
  10. Thank you! I don't know what I changed on the BIOS but it just fixed itself after a restart. I suspect that the issue was that it had internal graphics enabled and somehow that made the CPU to stay at max clock speed, I also changed some other settings on the BIOS from Auto to Enabled so I'm not completely sure what was the issue. In conclusion, updating the BIOS is a nightmare.
  11. Ok so this is a weird thing that's been happening for some days now, the thing is that my CPU for some weird reason always stays at max turbo frequency, this would not be big of a deal if it weren't by the fact that I already have to pay a massive electricity bill just for playing 4-6 hours a day all days, I've looked everywhere in the web to see why this was happening and most of the solutions didn't help. I already booted into safe mode and in safe mode it still keeps at it's max frequency, even in BIOS it shows me that the CPU is stuck at max frequency. I tried enabling all C st
  12. Ok, I fixed it, it was the easiest fix I have ever had to do. The problem was the thermal paste, I replaced it with a Thermal Grizzly Kyronaut and the gpu fans going full speed is no more. Thanks for answering my thread Majestic and Mesterial!
  13. I moved the thermal pad to the capacitors but I get the same result, now the temps are a little lower while gaming (52°C max) but the fans still go full speed and it takes them a long time after the load is gone to go to idle speed. Here is another screenshot of the graph and how the fan speed goes up while the temps remain the same. After some mins of load the backplate where the power delivery section is feels a little warm but isn't a lot. I'm thinking of buying another thermal pad and placing it next to the other one so both the capacitors and the mosfets have thermal pads.
  14. The clockspeeds are the same as before. I only touched the heatsink so the VRM should be ok. The only thing I did outside the thermalpaste swap was that I repositioned the thermal pad that was on the power delivery section and placed just in the boxes leaving the capacitors without thermal pad, here is a photo of the pcb of my gpu, in the red box I paced the thermal pad leaving the capacitors without it, I don't know if it was in between before I removed the heatsink. Also I don't know if this capacitors generate a lot of heat.