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  1. He wants either a 6600k with a 1070 or a 6700k with a 480.
  2. He mentioned nothing about 'overpaying' or 'cheapest possible solution'. You just read what you want to read.
  3. The dude asked a multiple choice question. He also didn't mention being on a tight budget. Therefore, your 'argument' isn't an argument at all.
  4. But you're on the moon!
  5. But you aren't when you're making claims like "it has such potential". That's not ignoring. What you're saying is, because you're wrong, I should just ignore it while you should be allowed to make claims like this chip will be a beast. Other than that, everything else has been word salad.
  6. My non-stance on the issue does not equal your speculation. Do you even logic? I'm saying there's no reason to believe claims that this chip will have such 'potential' because there is no evidence to suggest it. You're pulling claims out of your ass because you want to believe them. Big difference.
  7. No, it's not. It's marketed as affordable VR. AMD never said anything about 'premium'.
  8. Cryorig H7. Slightly out performs the H212, and subjectively better looking.
  9. " No but seriously, Zen has great potential, and when applied with that amount of cores, it will be a beast when it comes to video rendering, 3D modeling and anything CPU intensive. Good job, AMD. " This entire statement. How do you know it has great potential? Why should one be saying "Good job"? Maybe they haven't done a good job. This thing could be setting their work benches on fire as we speak. You have no idea.
  10. I'm just saying this is the kind of speculation that went on with the rx480 that ended with a bunch of threads to the tune of "OMGs rx480 such a disappointment. It was supposed to beat a Titan X!!! because WCCF Tech said so!!"
  11. Yeah. Because their 8 cores of utter crap were just killing it before.
  12. This is the kind of premature ejaculation that always ends in disappointment. You've no idea whether Zen has 'great potential' or that it will be a 'beast'. It could be utter crap for all we know.
  13. If it doesn't fit in the hole, don't force it. That philosophy is useful for lots of things.
  14. A day late and a dollar short....
  15. If you're gonna stick a condenser mic on your desk, I recommend picking up one of these.... https://www.amazon.com/Universal-Microphone-Suspension-Broadcasting-Voice-over/dp/B00C86FA0E It will help get rid of rumbling cause from vibrations and such being transferred to the mic through your desk.
  16. The stand should unscrew from the mount and should be a standard 5/8' mic collar that will fit on any standard mic stand as far as I know.
  17. Why do you care? What a stupid post.
  18. Your mic should have come with an adapter to fit any standard mic stand.
  19. My tests have shown red leds can increase performance by up to 15% over not red leds.
  20. His card must be a lotto winner. 1170 is average. Mine maxes at 1200 only after voltage hacks and sits around 1170 for 24/7.
  21. lol. I'll bet he was "glad". Poor guy. Pcper did a follow up. Good read. https://www.pcper.com/reviews/Graphics-Cards/Power-Consumption-Concerns-Radeon-RX-480
  22. My recommendation is Arctic mx-4. Easy to apply, not too thick or too runny, doesn't dry up so an application can last a long time. My experience with pastes; AS-5 is meh and too expensive for what it is. Gelid works great at first (gets slightly cooler temps than MX-4) but turns into poop after a few months. It's also really thick and hard to apply. IC diamond is abrasive and I don't trust it. It works really good though (has better thermal performance than both gelid and MX-4) but will remove lettering from the top of a chip. I find the spread method to work better on GPU's than the
  23. Also, this may help. http://pcuninstalltool.com/articles/How-to-Uninstall/Remove-MSI+Afterburner-Completely-Off-Your-PC_24_102855.html Do it manually. No need to download their 'tool'. It's probably junk.
  24. The term 'bricked' is used to describe a problem where the firmware of a card is either damaged, corrupt, or has been overwritten with poop somehow. If your card was bricked, you wouldn't be able to boot at all. An unstable overclock alone doesn't effect the firmware. However, it's probably not a good idea to continue to game for hours on a card you know isn't stable.