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  1. My APC Smart-UPS Pro says to replace the battery every 3 years.
  2. But still no enough for Flight Simulator 2020 with its 2 petabytes (world map datas)
  3. I don't remember which first game I started to play on my first console, Yeno Super Cassette Vision ( = Epoch in Japan) with games set, it was for my Christmas '85 or '86. And I still have my Yeno console with 7 games. It still works
  4. For girls, I put th pictures of You're Under Arrest
  5. As I said in my previous post, it stores in 4 rows per floor If I use a standard sheft (1 row per floor), like this (found on web) : I would not have enough space to put many sheft for my over 1600 manga books my home isn't big For SPY x FAMILY, I read the synopsis and I find it interesting, so I bought it (I don't read it yet, I have over 150 books to read)
  6. The first picture, books from two first floors (top of the shelf), I have read them but his series are not yet complete. And books from other floors, I haven't read them yet. And second picture, to the left, I have read them and his series are complete. And to the right, I have read them but his series are not yet complete (the sheft in the first picture does not have enough space for these books ). This sheft is homemade (oak wood) and it stores books in 4 rows per floor to have more space His capacity is about 2500 books. And my old TV, it's for to play m
  7. Physical copies for me I have 1648 books (287 titles).
  8. Mine is Honda CR-Z, year 2010 EDIT : I forgot a detail : my CR-Z is equiped manual transmission, it's unique for a hybrid car
  9. french breakfast : baguette (or rusk) with butter + jam or croissants (it depends on the days) and hot milk chocolate or hot chicory coffee with milk
  10. It's maybe on old HDMI port. My old mini PC Giada N10 Slim equiped nVIDIA ION (Intel Atom 330 + GeForce 9400M), its HDMI port supports up to 1080p at 60Hz max.
  11. It's maybe for other countries but in France, it's : vegetarian = no meat, no fish (except for egg and milk) and vegan = no products from animals
  12. My favorite movie is all about Terminator (I have DVD Terminator 1 to 4 and Blu-ray Terminator 5 & 6. I also have DVD Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles) It's best robotic movie for me
  13. Even 110GB available is enough for Windows 10 64-bit. And it's enough for normal school. On my old laptop with 120GB SSD, there are applications installed: MS Office 2003, Adobe Photoshop 7, Adobe Illustrator 10, few little softwares and few games 2D, I have 71GB available. For more storage, use a external storage. But if it's for professional graphic school (CAD, 3D, etc.), 120GB isn't enough of course. Same for 4GB RAM, not enough.