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  1. In France, a computer store sells ZOTAC GeForce RTX 3080 Ti TRINITY for 1,199 € ( = MRSP in France) but the buyers must wait when it will be available. And when it's available, the buyers must buy it very fast because the stocks are very limit... And the prices increase bit by bit on other bands & models in this store. More expensive is ASUS ROG Strix RTX 3080 Ti O12G for 2,399.95 €.
  2. I received it today Top = MSI RTX 3080 Ti Suprim X Bottom = Gigabyte RTX 2080 Super Gaming OC This MSI is really big
  3. Ordered today and it's validated by online store. I will receive it next week
  4. Today, I finished reading the last volume (4th vol) of Tetsuwan Adam (this book was in my big purchase). What I say? I love it! It's geat! The story is about an AI robot created by Jesse Maxwell to protect the Earth from the digital aliens (who come from space). Adam, AI robot fights again these digital aliens because Adam is only can to neutralize these digital aliens. It's a classic story that you see it in 1st volume. But it comes better in next volumes because there are explanations for these reasons. And in 3rd volume, it will
  5. @TetraSky And my picture of manga books of week, it was a big purchase. Usually, it's 3~7 manga books every week
  6. I don't have but I have an homemade shelf who has the capacity of about 2500 books (already read only) and a other homemade shelf who has the capacity of about 700 manga books (Not read yet only). I have already read more than half of the manga books. And my homemade shelf with capacity of 2500 books (with old TV + old consoles), it is a kind of compact. It means, every tier floor has 4 rows of manga books I do it because my house is not big so the compact is the best option And I will have a space free for other futur homemade shelf, the same but with the capacity
  7. My new manga books of week Now, I have 1800 manga books
  8. Yes, it comes rare now. And it already cost $299 when it was released 17 years ago. And I am correcting some details in my previous post. It's a combo steel (for vertical panels) and aluminium alloy (for the rest and interior). I read a old review and I forgot these details
  9. CM Stacker STC-T01 is best. You can to put up to two PSU in this case And it's heavy! 1 mm thick steel plates (no aluminium, nor iron)
  10. For the model of cases, see in my signature (PC#1 and PC#2)
  11. Like this one ? This picture is old. To the right, the old big rack (green LEDs) at the bottom is replaced by a new small rack with new 2.5" SSD/HDD, DVD-RW drive is removed to put in a external box USB 3.0 and other small rack (blue circle LED) is removed. For to have airflow from 4 free 5.25" (2 above the big rack and 2 others below the new rack)
  12. I voted 'yes' but for certain conditions. It can make a nice decoration for your room Even some supercomputers do a good look, CRAY Titan for example Or mainframes IBM zSeries : So for PC home, why not?
  13. But it's still not enough for Linus Media Group servers