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  1. Ok I can sacrifice angles. But my main concern is does samsung VA q dot monitor give 125% srgb like atleast an ips monitor with 110% srgb or just washed out colors like just another other VA panel. I do know q dot is for black stabilization. I am only interested in colors. Not so concerned about angles as well. But can't go as low as a TN. I earlier used this AOC monitor with 72% NTSC and ny experience was bad..later moved to G241 optix by MSI with 125% srgb and I had good experience until my monitor started to see wierd lines in just two month
  2. I am from india and in my budget I only have these two options to buy. And we don't have luxury of visiting store to compare both monitors and buy one. I have option of getting this Samsung monitor with 125 srgb CFG73 or Acer VG240YP with 100 srgb. I used MSI Optix G241 ips with 125 srgb. I would like to have good color reproduction. Will the VA panel of samsung (quantum dot) be the same as normal VA panel? Do the colors look washed out as any other VA panel? Will this samsung Va qdot panel with 125% srgb be as good as Ips with 110% srgb or so? If ye
  3. Upgraded to V1000 Gold. Got founders 3080 going rock solid
  4. V1000 does not have MPY model. MPY exist olny for V850 ( V1 V2 ) and below. V1000 only has RS variant.
  5. Hi, I lost the 24pin connector of my V1000 Gold. The pin diagram of the CM site does not account for doubles. Please help with pinout so that I can make one myself. TIA.
  6. No physical damange it was not even moved a inch.
  7. So its a defective panel. Replacement should fix it i believe. is it cause of like power issue. I use a surge protect and my power is clean afaik
  8. Hey all this is my new monitor MSI G241 IPS 144hz. I bought it a month ago, past week I observed this line, I ignored it. Today another line appeared. I can replace it but just want to know any one knows about it or not.? Thanks
  9. fuck I am already paying 1000$ here in India just for FE 699 cards on Nvidia site which is 71K, 900$ will just taking the cards to 90K I guess which is 1200$
  10. I am from India. They did not even launch the cards no FEs the site still shows notify me no "out of stock". the AIBs retailers have bloated the prices the release price of 3080 is 71k INR already acc. to Nvidia which is 999$ USD,. These sellers are selling at 80K INR which is 1110$. Idiotic man. Hmmm..... I sold my 1080ti couple of days ago hoping i will grab a 3080 and running on my gt210. fuck Nvidia no FE cards came to India thats what store said via email. just cause AMD does not have DL/ML support I am still buying your cards. Hope sun shines on AMD in near future.
  11. Ok. so will look at zen 3. once they arrive id they fit my budget. obviously will aim of 4600 not more than that. As I dont need more cores.
  12. Isn't Flight simulator overly demanding as opposed to Cyberpunk which has certain limitations as number players still using 10series and all.