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  1. I see thank you. I run a 5700xt so I'm guessing I'll see little difference.
  2. The first m.2 slot has a small boot SSD, if I occupy the second m.2 slot with a 1TB ssd for games then my pcie16x_1 slot will run at 8x. Will that impact graphical performance in game? Would I be better off with a SATA SSD for game storage?
  3. Just an update even tho no one cares, The sub works perfectly with my Lepy 2020A and my Klipsch 14-m speakers and the sound is amazing. I'm gonna upgrade the amp and get a good DAC in the future but for now I am pleased.
  4. Thanks! I just set it up and i can hear high frequencies coming through but it is very clear and of course, bassy. I also took it apart and attached pictures. Is this what a crossover setup looks like?
  5. I'm not looking for fancy sound, just trying to hook up speakers I already own to my PC for as cheap as possible. I'm not using the speakers or sub and thought it would be cool to get them working. If I can only hook up speakers to the amp I'm getting that's cool, just wondering why most places I look say this model sub has built in cross over and some say passive subs always need a seperate crossover.
  6. Not sure what you mean by: " I'd suggest you don't try and use a single board 2.1 system either since clipping class D amps can send DC voltage to a speaker and fry it." and I'm no audiophile I just want to use the speakers I have with my computer. I don't need to use the sub but I have it and am not using it so it would be cool if I could. Also you say you know for sure ithe sub needs a crossover? Because many places say this model has it built in and that's why it has outputs.
  7. Well ponchato says different about that amp and here's a link. Apparently it's actually pretty good for a beginner like me. And I just have that sub laying around and was curious if it would work but you guys aren't even sure if it has corssover or not so still a mystery. I will probably go with the same powered sub featured in the video I linked but I'll try the sub I have too unless someone can guarantee it won't work.
  8. I'm getting the Lepy LP-2020A and would like to connect my passive 10" sub to it. The sub has L and R inputs and Outputs on it but I don't know if there is a low pass filter built in or not. The amp just had the L and R out and no pre-amp or sub out. If i connect the L and R outputs of the amp directly to the sub will the sub and it does't have a low pass filter built in, will it be bad having all that high frequency sound passing through it? I'm including pictures so if you know weather or not these can be connected safely or not and how please let me know!
  9. Thanks so much! I live in Truro, Nova Scotia Canada
  10. Hi, I need a replacement piece for my desktop's front panel. I've attached pictures with measurements. If you have a 3D printer and are bored and kind enough to make and send this part, you would be a PC building hero.
  11. I have not, I didn't even know that aging plastic could be made to looked new again. Definitely gonna look into that stuff
  12. I've had this ATX case forever and am upgrading the build inside soon. Anyone know what model case it is?? Thanks in advance.