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  1. How many of you remember the time we discussed a hundred page about Mozilla's CEO being fired because of gay rights issues? Remember how even in that hot button issue no one's post got removed. And we celebrated the fact that this forum was free of censorship and petty mods who do whatever they want. But today my posts got removed because I went against the holy cow @Victorious Secret and the mod didn't even bother to notify me. In Linustectips today, apparently if someone says they don't like your post, mods are happy to remove it without telling anyone. Then they will remove the
  2. What does that change? Nvidia sold the cards with certain specifications but it turned out those specifications were a lie.
  3. Again you seem to think this has to do with you. It does not. It has to do with what you said but nothing beyond. Your words made me think about an idea, a way of thinking. "Doing something bad is bad, enjoying something bad someone else has done is worse."
  4. I was just contemplating on your words, not really replying to you at all. Because even you don't seem to understand what you just said, judging by this reply.
  5. The teenage murderers rate will quadruple overnight.
  6. It didn't work for me for some reason. Maybe I haven't properly restarted it.
  7. Makes you more angry than the fact that there are people in world making child porn in the first place. So you are saying act of enjoying something wrong is worse than doing something wrong. That's a valid form of thinking I would say.
  8. Doesn't work on the current Firefox 35. You'll need 36 for this to work. Download the beta.
  9. If a game with 16 hours of nothing but sex scenes is accepted on Steam, then I don't see why porn games are not accepted. "Sex is the quickest way in which to establish the relationship and provide a justification for the player to pursue this woman," he continues. "We couldn't just tell you to go find someone you don't know or care about. It wouldn't work." This is embarrassing. This is a developer blatantly admitting their incompetence and laziness when it comes to compelling character creation and story telling.
  10. I'd prefer a laser pistol to a glorified stick. My motto when it comes to laser swords is :"It's the future, get a gun. You idiots"