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  1. Yeah, the problem is that I don't have a cable nearby so I can only rely on a sim card. Now if I connect the routers one to another, will my new router speeds be limited by my ISP routers? The thing is that my current routers have a speed of 300mb/s but the one that I want to buy is 600mb/s, won't this limit the new routers 4G performance?
  2. Hello, I've got a question. I have an ISP issued router and its decent, but im not satisfied. I want to buy a new router that is on sale, yet it doesn't have a sim card. My question is that whether is there a chance that I can somehow use this router with my sim card? Thank you!
  3. Hello, so I currently have an ISP issued router (Huawei E5186s-22a) and I have never had great internet. From what I understand I live pretty close to my companies cell tower so it all ways been weird. I used to get download speeds of only 1-2MB/s of internet speed, which was enough to watch youtube but seriously hindered my online gaming performance and download. Then I tried placing my router about 1.5m above ground in the middle of my window, and surprisingly late in the night I could sometimes actually get around 3-6MB/s, but it's usually still only around 1-3MB/s during the day. On the ot
  4. Okay, thank you very much. I will take that in mind.
  5. Hello, I've been searching around the internet and couldn't find conclusive information about this topic. So what I want to understand is this, I'm checking my local electronics stores and it seems that external SSD's are cheaper per MB than internal SSD's. This fact made me wonder, Im currently using an internal HDD, and it's okay I guess, but I want to know will I get an advantage from an external SSD as the main boot drive? Also if i do get an advantage, how are external SSD's different from internal SSD's except the USB connection. I hope im not doing too much with all these questions
  6. More info: After the bluescreen i got a window saying "Radeon Software: Host Application has stopped working" and check online or close program
  7. The cpu is intel i5 4590 and im not sure about the temps, havent kept an eye on them. I will check out now.
  8. So, i couldn't find a fix exactly for my problem so I'm reaching out to Linus community. So my current PC is sketchy but it will have to do till the end of summer at least. My current stats are: 4x HP 4 GB ram 1TB Hard drive(that makes wierd scratching noises but its been over more than a year now and it still runs) Radeon Saphire Nitro+ RX 590 8gb graphics card. Chieftec Navitas GPM-550s(But the connection to my motherboard is wierd, you see i was dumb and bought a PSU and expected my mother board to have the standart connection, turns out my motherboard had HP only co
  9. Yes there is a 4 pin connector to cpu and there are two 6 pin connectors, one from what i know powers motherboard and the other sata and stuff. And this should be the exact one i bought: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12-ATX-Main-24-Pin-to-6-Pin-PSU-Power-Adapter-Cable-18AWG-for-Select-HP-Systems/183744579098
  10. and my motherboard is Hewlett-Packard 18E4
  11. Oh well my PC model is HP EliteDesk 800 G1 TWR but I'll keep looking for the motherboard name
  12. My old PCU is "320W EPA92 ENTL13" if I'm correct and my new PCU is "Chieftec GPM-550S" and IDK the exact name of the motherboard, all I know it's a HP motherboard, but I'll try to find.
  13. Hello. So the situation is that some time ago I bought new PC parts from the money I earned in summer. The first problem I ran into was that my PCU and motherboard connectors don't match. TBH it's mostly my fault but I really didn't know that something like what I have existed. So what I have is a 4pin HP connector on motherboard. When I was buying I didn't even notice this and was just checking if the wattage fits with my GPU. Now when I made my first post someone told me to try using a HP to ATX connector. And so I did, I bought it and it recently arrived but I was in for a another hole digg