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    InfernalClaw got a reaction from ZenGod in Call of duty Warzone Error   
    no problem ❤️
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    InfernalClaw reacted to Kevin_Walter in Suggestions for troubleshooting stuttering in games   
    Sometimes steady framepacing is more important than a higher framerate if you want a game to run smoothly. Since you don't use a form of adaptive sync, then your framerate bouncing around under your monitor's refresh is going to cause your monitor to be out of sync with your framerate more often than not. This is what v-sync is supposed to cure, but it can cause input latency, which is why locking your framerate to something that your system can more consistently achieve can help to iron out stuttering.

    As a rule, it doesn't have to be 60fps. It could be 72 or something. So long as it's a consistent number slightly below what your system is capable of maintaining during normal gameplay.
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    InfernalClaw got a reaction from RockiNeedsTechTipa in PC crashed/rebooted when playing Cyberpunk 2077 (probably PC overheating?)   
    dude im literally running a 2080 super and my crashed too but no electrical sound or anything just insta crashed  i think its a game problem also my temps were great
  4. Informative
    InfernalClaw reacted to Firewrath9 in 5800x/5900x memory compatibility   
    you can always try OCing and tightening timings. With zen 3, 4000mhz dram is possible, and depending on the ICs you can easily get a CL of 16-18 at 4k.
  5. Informative
    InfernalClaw reacted to Fasauceome in Possibility of memory being unstable?   
    If you're currently running it at 3733 (feel free to verify with CPU-Z) and it hasn't crashed, it's stable.
    While the motherboard is a factor in memory speed, the CPU is a lot more important. Third gen ryzen has a very robust memory controller, and can handle much higher speeds than the Zen + second gen CPUs.
  6. Informative
    InfernalClaw reacted to AbydosOne in Possibility of memory being unstable?   
    It's entirely possible. Systems can have RAM issues and be "stable" (going days without issue) and cause silent file corruption (when copying, files get read into RAM and then pushed back to storage; corruption can occur in flight). I ran into that issue with my (first gen) Ryzen system trying for 3200MHz. It would even pass memory tests, but still silently corrupt files until I dropped the speed to 3000MHz.
    If you have reason to believe there's an issue, pursue it until you're convinced. The R5-3600 should be able to keep up with those speeds though.
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    InfernalClaw reacted to boggy77 in Do i need a new mobo for a 5900x?   
    they've changed their minds. most of the b450 boards released bioses mid-november that support the 5000 series.
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    InfernalClaw reacted to Aereldor in Do i need a new mobo for a 5900x?   
    No. Just update the BIOS. 
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    InfernalClaw got a reaction from AcidStopSign in Power Supply Help Please   
    try clearing CMOS by removing the battery on the motherboard for 30 seconds then putting it back again
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    InfernalClaw reacted to BTGbullseye in AC Valhalla performance issues?   
    Ah... Discord is well known to eat resources it really shouldn't need.
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    InfernalClaw reacted to AlfredVQuack in AC Valhalla performance issues?   
    maybe for reference, i get >50 fps on ultra with a GTX 1070 Ti and a i7-4790k
  12. Informative
    InfernalClaw reacted to Ebony Falcon in AC Valhalla performance issues?   
    Use the hardware unboxed setting 
    I’m getting 90 FPS at 1440p smooth as f with 2080ti
  13. Informative
    InfernalClaw reacted to Mark Kaine in AC Valhalla performance issues?   
    Why did you even turn it off? Makes no sense, but at least it should work properly now. 
    I believe it's best to let windows manage these things, user interaction tends to make it worse, and there's nothing wrong with the windows default page file settings. 
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    InfernalClaw reacted to Hold-Ma-Beer in PC bluescreened out of nowhere   
    Oh boy...
    My level of knowledge was till the Event Viewer..
    Lets wait for others
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    InfernalClaw reacted to Jurrunio in asus tuf rtx 3080 non oc version   
    all of them do, you need luck to get a unit that doesnt
    or you could just buy the FE
  16. Informative
    InfernalClaw reacted to SPARTAN VI in asus tuf rtx 3080 non oc version   
    I suspect not. The renders/product photos on etailers and Asus' official product website show the cheaper "SP-Caps" (left image below), but apparently they changed it to an all MLCC configuration for mass production (right image below).

  17. Informative
    InfernalClaw reacted to Oshino Shinobu in will my x570 support both my m.2 drives?   
    Both drives are 2280 M Key, which all slots on that board support. So yes.
  18. Informative
    InfernalClaw reacted to Lurick in will my x570 support both my m.2 drives?   
    Yes, there are holes on the board to adjust the M.2 screw to fit bigger/smaller drives.
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    InfernalClaw reacted to svmlegacy in Need a mobo to oc future ryzen cpu's   
    Why not just wait for the next high end chipset, built for Zen 3?
  20. Informative
    InfernalClaw reacted to Haro in Need a mobo to oc future ryzen cpu's   
    Just like you said, no one knows, we don't know their power consumption, we don't know how well they overclock, we don't know anything, if you're buying a zen 3 cpu, buy a board then and not now. 
    But the Hero uses an ASP1405 and 14 IR3555 for the vcore, good board if you're into ln2 and heavy overclocking, if you're a casual user, this board wont be a good choice as it's not a casual user friendly board. 
  21. Informative
    InfernalClaw reacted to svmlegacy in Need a mobo to oc future ryzen cpu's   
    People continue to buy 9000-series Intel chips despite being already superceded. Most people don't upgrade just a CPU.
    Additionally, it'd be stupid to not release a 600-series chipset, as there is many motherboards that don't support Zen 3 out of the box. (All 500 series at this time).
    People want something that works out of the box.
    This is getting off topic, so I'm ending it here.
  22. Agree
    InfernalClaw reacted to Raptor_Fawr in Need a mobo to oc future ryzen cpu's   
    I'd suggest you to wait and buy a board after the cpus will be released. The board you are going to buy may not be compatible enough to push the CPU you are going to buy, so it's safer to wait post-release
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    InfernalClaw got a reaction from BTGbullseye in If I want more performance (fps) Which gpu should I go for?   
    im sorry but this is the most weird question ever. obviously the 3080 is a gonna be better in both 1080p/1440p its an overall better card
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    InfernalClaw reacted to SuburbanBourbon in pc crashed   
    np, welcome and no
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    InfernalClaw reacted to Phoned_ in 1.8.9 Texture Pack I'm working on   
    its a default edit ill post it when im done it will be bad since this is my first texture pack. The reason i made it a default edit and not a texture pack completely was cause i usually play bedwars not smp and stuff like that