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  1. i went into the settings and CBR was already the option set but to be clear it was under "streaming", i dont stream i just use replay buffer
  2. ok so i guess i shouldnt worry about hardware problems. thank you so much for your input!
  3. ok but is this normal? or is my pc like fucked or something?
  4. i recently noticed when i run heavy gpu games like COD VANGUARD and Deathloop my obs recording skips frames even though my pc is good (RTX 3080 r7 5800x 32gb ram) and i render using NVENC. firstly is this normal? secondly if it is what can i do to fix it other than use instant replay or any other software. i currently use 1440p 60 fps on my obs replay buffer. i also run obs as admin
  5. instant replay turns off by itself in cod vanguard so i decided to use obs and the recording is lagging, im guessing cuz my gpu is maxed out in cod so there is no room for recording? specs: rtx 3080 r7 5800x 32gb ram any fix?
  6. ok then i will check and see, but to be clear im talking about instant replay not nvidia highlights
  7. i dont know why this happens but cod turns off instant replay when i launch it. this also happened in splitgate however many other games and apps do not experience this issue. i am on the latest driver on my rtx 3080
  8. could be just due to the 306o being less powerful than a 3070 ti and running at less frames(games run more stable at a lower framerate as far as i know)
  9. a way simpler solution in my opinion is getting a gsync/freesync monitor. with these you could be running at say 120 fps instead of 165 and itll still feel smooth. however yes itll cost you but in my opinion its better than having an unstable overclock
  10. i think if it was a gpu issue you'd experience much worse problems like artifacts and whatnot but you said you tried replacing mobo ssd ram and cpu so you've pretty much called off the possibility of it being these stuff, i wouldnt say its a psu issue as those also cause much worse symptoms like pc booting off . id say before replacing gpu, try seeing if you can try another one. go to any pc store and ask if you can test any somewhat decent gpu to see if it causes the same issue
  11. i never said it doesnt give you better performance, but why do so? unless you want high scores in 3dmark, then sure go for it
  12. how do i do so exactly? cuz im a bit confused
  13. a 3060 is very good for any game, why overclock in the first place? also you're probably getting lower frames cuz the OC is unstable
  14. my lighting effects arent saved to my x63 cooler, every time i restart i have to open nzxt cam for the effects to work. any way to just save them?
  15. when you are stressing your cpu and gpu, how much time does it take for your pc to reset?