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  1. Yes i've checked the compatibility and it should be all nice and good!
  2. Hello there to everyone, quick question for you all, I've Tried installing this gpu on my alienware 17 (the gpu is a 970m) but after doing the upgrade.. My pc got really slow and the gpu was not detected as a nvidia one.. But as a '' microsoft basic display'', also I was not able to install the correct driver as the PC couldn' t recognized it! The gpu is also really chipped and it has some strange black spot on the pcb, here it is a picture for reference! Can someone tell me if this could be the problem why the gpu acts so strange?
  3. Hello there fellow linus tech forum users, happy new year to everyone,a new year comes with a new problem from my laptop! Recently I bought a hdd caddy so I could use Two hard disk in this laptop.. But for some reason it doesn't get recognized, in the device manager I get error 31, the laptop came with win 8.1 and I've installed win 7 instead.. Could be this? I don't seem to find neither a DVD driver of some sort.. Can you guys help me? Thanks!
  4. Great that is really great guys! thanks for the help! that was also so quick ! :vvvvvvvvv
  5. Hello there fellow users! I'll keep everything nice and short,I need some help figuring out what is the best for my sony vaio laptop! I'm not able to install windows 7 (the laptop had preinstalled windows 8.1) on it using uefi mode (the laptop get stuck on windows is starting logo using a ntfs usb partition of windows) so i was wondering if using legacy (which works) is going to impact my laptop performance on games etc (my vaio has a i3 3xxx cpu and a nvidia geforce gt740) I really like the idea of using windows 7 on it..but If I cannot do anything...i'll try win 10 but I think
  6. Hello there to everyone! This is a really quick question but also very important.. I want to upgrade the graphic board of my alienware m17 (it has a 765 nvidia one) with this 970m..it is possibile?
  7. I get it..so I should forget about it....Thanks anyway for the help! really appreciated! ...is it strange if I ask you some cool games to play on this machine? are there any console emulators that can run on the ibook?
  8. Hello there fellow users! I don't know if this is the right place to post this thread...if it is not sorry :c The title really says it all! I was given a apple g3 clamshell power pc laptop from my uncle! and I was wondering if it was possible to run a virtual machine(with win 95 on it) to play this little game called Worlds.com,it is really light (but also a 3d game) I'll give you the info about the pc and also the system requirement for the game below! the question is...Can i really do this? What is the most optimized virtual machine software for this kind of power pc arch
  9. Thank you to everyone, it is the same thing I thought, but he is kind cheap and doesn't want to spend more money so... Wish me luck!
  10. ... A adapter he made himself, but he is still figuring out if he wants to make it sata or molex, what should I say to him? Go get a better one?
  11. Hello there to everyone, I need help for a psu, my dad is making his own PC for the first time, he bought A somewhat old psu and wants to use it, it doesn't have the 8pin connector for interfacing an old gtx nvidia 770 graphics card,and he is using a converter to make it possibile, I'm more experienced in building computers, but I don't know nothing about using adapter etc, If I put here the voltage rails of the psu, can someone tell me if it will work and what rail should he use? Thanks!
  12. Last question srsly while I am at it.. (thank you kindly) will a nvidia rtx 2060 bottleneck with a i7 4790 on 1080p gaming?
  13. Also is there any difference between the tomahawk b450 max and the gaming plus max? Sorry to bother