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  1. I have a Dell XPS 15 9500, I want to install a new SSD but the laptop does not come with the required screw. I saw mounting screws in amazon described for PC and Laptop, but not sure if they would fit for my laptop. Are M.2 screws same for both PC motherboard and laptops?
  2. can you tell me which one do you prefer as a keyboard, the low profile one or the the regular one? Also does the low profile keyboard offer decent resistance and a good pass-bump? Can you tell me the experience of using both regular and low profile keyboard?
  3. What is the difference between tactile response for brown switches and blue switches? for example the Gateron or any other switch type
  4. So, I need someone to tell me the exact difference that one can feel while typing on both regular and low profile mechanical keyboards. I do a lot of coding and report writing. Gaming once in a full moon perod.
  5. By great typing experience I mean the keystrokes must be good unlike the laptop keyboards. I have read that the low profile switches are very similar to laptop keyboards and so do not give the experience of a mechanical keyboard
  6. I want to buy a mechanical keyboard and I came across the low profile mechanical switches. I have tried the normal mechanical switches in near by stores, but could not get my hands on a low profile mechanical keyboard. Could someone tell me the difference in typing experience between a Low profile and a regular mechanical keyboard? My only requirement is a great typing experience, whether it is a low profile or a normal keyboard.
  7. That is a valid point. But what I'm hoping is someone could do a video or write an article with a full detailed analysis. All that happens in these forums is debate and arguments may be.
  8. Recently I had seen an AMD 4800H series based dell G5 gaming laptop in a deteriorating condition performance wise. It wasn't unable to handle the simple tasks like running VSCode, Pycharm, or even opening the anaconda console. On the other hand happening to be in the same room, there was an HP pavilion x360 based on 8th gen 4 core Intel U series processor running seamlessly, more or less the same way as on the purchased date (as described by the owner). Now when I asked both the laptop owners about the use cases, both were bought around 2 years ago, the AMD laptop was used for binge watching m
  9. Could you please elaborate the intensive tasks? I mean a few scenarios?
  10. Hello, Can I use the first party 90W charger from dell to charge the Dell XPS 15 9500 with i7-10750H and GTX 1650 Ti graphics? My work load involves coding with VS Code, MATLAB, Virtual Machine usage and regular stuff like browsing, documenting, video streaming etc. Would be very helpful if someone could answer the question as I need to buy the charger ASAP