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  1. Thanks for this. I have tried tweaking these settings but sadly no luck. My temps on GPU are 65-70 and CPU is mid 60s. However I notice in task manager while playing my GPU usage is less than 20%, is this to be expected, I thought a game would hit the GPU hard? I tried this, still low - no noticeable boost. I beleive so, but what confuses me is when I reduce the settings I see little boost in performance. I am now downloading the campaign mode to test this, thanks!
  2. Hi guys, I am rather confused by my results in Warzone. Playing 1440p max settings (RTX on) I struggle to get more than 140fps. Looking at others results it looks like 200+ should be possible? Perhaps I am mistaken. I beleive everything is working as it should be with my CPU/GPU, See 3D mark score to validate these thoughts. https://www.3dmark.com/spy/17199934 Can anyone suggest something to try?
  3. Unfortunatley this hasnt helped.. such a frustration
  4. It was enabled, I have now turned off. Away from PC now but will report back ASAP.
  5. Just the standard windows defender, I did try running norton power eraser as per the advice above. However I did have and recently uninstalled Malware Bytes, could that be the issue?
  6. Norton Power Eraser reports no risks.. This is such a confusing problem.
  7. Thanks for the advice! How do you roll back updates? No errors Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations. Unfortunatley that doesnt resolve the issue. When i try to click on the taskbar during this 10 minute phase I think it is doing a restart of the explorer process due to the crash.
  8. Hi everyone, I am very confused and hoping for some help.. My rig ( in sig below) has all of a sudden started being extremley slow to fully load windows. Initial boot up and login is fine but then I get to the desktop and the taskbar items dont load and it just shows a spinning blue circle, I also cant access the start menu or any of the search functions. During this my start up apps such as razer synapse, corsair iCUE, Steam etc also do not open. I can however access and open apps if I navigate manually by opening a folder from the desktop to get into expl
  9. Hello, I would like to upgrade my corsair SF750W PSU to a 1000w Corsair unit. As Im sure we all know PSUs are hard to get at the moment, someone local to me is selling a 1000w PSU but its unit only - no cables included. Can the cables from my SF750 be used?
  10. Hi all, I am getting some strange results with my RTX 3090 and Im not sure why or where to start in finding out. I am a fairly handy PC builder but don't know much about troubleshooting this sort of thing. In Warzone at 1080p I am getting around 120-140 fps which I used to get on my RTX 2080 SUPER. I understand Warzone isnt a particularly optimised game so I decided to try time spy to see what I got and the GPU score came out at 10,936 which I understand is rather low for a 3090. Can someone advise how I should start troubleshooting this?
  11. I removed the cover yeah, I really don't think the issue is with the card. Just seems like some poor design but I could be wrong.
  12. Thanks for pointing that out about the pins, I realise now it was the “Supreme FX” plastic cover on the other side of the board causing the error. The card did not work until I did this. Seems silly of ASUS to put such a large shroud right where the graphics card goes, but equally silly of me not to notice! Thanks for the help and advice. Hopefully this post will help out anyone else who finds themselves confused by this.
  13. Really sorry for the delay I had some things going on so put this on hold. Unfortunately the issue remains as you can see the pins on the gpu will not go into the slot and I believe the reason is that it is impacting on the motherboard, circled in red. this is a top of the line ASUS X570 gaming board, surely I can’t be the only person having this problem? any advice or help appreciated
  14. Hi guys, Not sure if Im being silly or if the card really doesnt fit. I have a 3090 FE and using my ASUS ROG HERO X570 I cant get the card to fit in the top slot? It does fit in the middle slot but it looks a bit silly and means I cant have bottom fans in my case. The card seems to be impacting against the cooler shroud around the M2 slots/southbridge. Is there anything I can do to raise it slightly?
  15. Hi Everyone, Im considering building an ATX watercooled system in the 011 Dyanic (maybe razer edition). build will be: CPU: Ryzen 9 3900X MoBo: ROG CROSSHAIR VIII FORMULA (AMD AM4) DDR4 X570 CHIPSET ATX MOTHERBOARD GPU: NVIDIA ASUS ROG STRIX RTX3090 RAM: 32GB Corsair Vengance Pro RGB DDR4 LPX 3600 Storage: 500GB Corsair MP600 SSD Case: Lian Li 011 Dynamic Water cooling: Corsair Hydro X CPU Block GPU Block TBC EK 011 Dynamic distro plate 2x Radiators TBC 6x Corsair QL120 RGB Fans My question is