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  1. I am using computer in power save mode to save energy of course. When everything is working ok in 4x0,8 GHz, then I don't want to switch my CPU from low 25 Watt mode to >35 Watt while doing the same work, with the same computer behaviour. As I stated in previous post, problem was wrong Task Manager CPU usage reported by Win 10 LTSC. In video playback it reported about 25% on all cores, while in reality it was close to 100%. Now I know, that i have to switch to ballanced power plan while watching HD videos. And I found this article about bug in LTSC:
  2. I already know the answer. A few minutes of testing, answered my question ... Sry for trouble. My task manager is not showing correct values of CPU usage. Probably due to some windows service turned off or becouse of Windows LTSC bug While HWiNF064 showed the truth:
  3. specs: Win 10, AMD Phenom 4 965BE 4x3,4 Ghz, 8 GB RAM, GTX 970 I really don't understand why playback of HD videos (in youtube or external program) is choppy in power save mode of 4x0,8 Ghz when processor load is only 20% and all params (like: motherboard Bus clock, NB clock, HT clock, memory speed and GPU Mem&Video Clock) are the same in HWiNFO when switching to higher power plan mode. The only difference is of course processor load and +20Watt more due to higher voltage on it, but in power save mode it has still plenty of free avaiable resources. So what is going
  4. Eyes of every human are different. More or less sensistive to different light sources. In the same brightiness and lighting conditions some screen we can watch nont stop, when some would be unwatchable and any "trick" will not change this. Ex. I can watch bright 150' 3xLCD lamp projector with practicaly without any break, while i can't stand 99% normal computer monitors with CCFL and LED light or plasma TV's, even with barely visible screen. Eyes are becoming red and soon are in huge pain. While having perfect vision and not a problem diagnosed with eye doctors. So i am still using old CR
  5. It depends what custom blocking filters you are using. With adblockplus I see ex. on NBC such message, so to play those videos You must whitelist this domain anyway.
  6. Power plans has nothing with Your problem. As seen on video you posted, CPU is spiking to 100% (virus, bad drivers, broken system ?). In such situation, even super computer will be overloaded. Reinstall Windows. CPU at iddle should not work at more then 1% even in power save plan. Check CPU usage after every program installation and You will find the offender.
  7. Problem probably is in slow disk drive and not optimized Windows. Your system as is, is still capable to run even Win10 (not stock full of crap of course). I have AMD x4 965 and it's still enough to watch films, surf the Web etc. (when working in power save mode at 4x800 Hz, so it's probably even slower then Yours working at max power). Have 2 graphic cards. A new one for gaming and second AMD HD 3470 for watching films on old TV with VGA input. 2 GB RAM can be a problem, but both optimized Win7 and 10 should not consume more then 800 MB after install. Just use no more then 1-2 ram hungry pro
  8. 1. Most services and programs in iddle time should consume 0% CPU&disk drive and some memory. However the more crap You have starting with Windows and installed too, the more things can be exectuted by those programs at any time from task shedule. Ex. virus scanning, uploading new versions, maintaining, telemetry etc, and game will stutter. Such activity should not crash Your game when You have enough RAM + pagefile. 2. Optimalization about what You are asking for, it's not an easy task and there are not automated programs to do that. The easiest thing to do, it's t
  9. HDMI from GPU was connected to TV on the same input as was from integrated card ? Or to second TV input (if avaiable ?) ? Then, did You changed this inupt as primary on Your TV ? edit: You say - yes in 1 post, so it's very strange that You have no signal.
  10. By the way You have 304 processes running ?! My optimized Windows 10 is running only 87 at normal work. You have total mess. Read about Windows optimization, use "autorun" program by SysInternals to deselect not needed auto start programs, and minimize number of services running. Anyway even with such amounts of processes You system should not work like that. Probably a virus or a broken program. Mayby some drivers interfere each other. You should start from clean Windows install and check CPU utilization after installing every next used program. Meanwhile unticking all the "crap"
  11. What ? Sum all your programs and You will see almost 100% on that screen. 3 first are taking 50%. Something is very broken in your system, becouse how for example Outlook can use almost 19% ? Desktop Windows Manager at 7,6% ? At most sum of all those programs should use a few percent of Your processor. And of course "System Idle process" means - no process at all. Mine Outlook 0% use most the time, while having much worse processor and using saving power plan, which make all the 4 of his cores work at 800 Mhz.
  12. It's much better to use jumper and wait a few sec, to do that.
  13. >My CPU is shows as constantly at 100% usage no matter what I'm doing. >(...) -There are no processes in Task Manager that would cause the CPU to be taken up. Those statements are contrary. In good optimized Windows not matter a version my CPU usage in iddle should be most the time 0-1%. > THE PROBLEM DOES NOT PERSIST ON A FRESH WINDOWS INSTALL Exactly as it should. Something is sucking all Your resources in your " ORIGINAL WINDOWS", whatever it means. So how you can't see that faulty process in task manager ? Click processor usage tab and
  14. Kris3456

    CRT Gaming?

    This is looks like on Dell P1230 with Mitsubishi tube with 970 GTX in 1600x1200 100 Hz res. Picture done by phone is not perfect, but in reality I do not see any distortion. Cable used is rather cheap, but good quality and done for CRT, not like those very thin which comes with LCD.
  15. Kris3456

    CRT Gaming?

    I didn't saw such behaviour on 960 and 970 GTX. At least when using 1600x1200 100 Hz image looks perfect for me. But my 960 started after some time of using it, flickering horizontally only on analog output, when card was loaded more then 30%.