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  • Birthday Nov 12, 1990

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    Video games, IT, technology and long walks with doggo
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    IT professional
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    Unified Communications


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    Ryzen 7 2700X
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    16GB, 3200mhz (Corsair Vengence RGB)
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    2070 Super
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    O-11 Dynamic
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    750W Cronus Modular
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    3 (1x 144hz)
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    8+ Noctua fans (DM me for specifics)
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    Razer Hunstman Elite TE
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    Razer Deathadder Elite
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    Windows 10 (and Linux VMs)

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  1. I've thought about it. I think that brown liquid running through a PC would make it literally look like shit. Beige colours are REALLY hard to achieve well, and mixing the colours just right would be too much. I won't go hardline, I'm not a fan. But if I did this again I'd do a black case and maybe black rubber tubing.
  2. The best way to answer this question is thusly: "I really like fans".
  3. I posted a while ago a picture of my recently finished build that I intended to make as 'Noctua themed' as possible. I had this comment on the post that really made me think long and hard about what direction I wanted to take: And @Gundarwas 10,000% right. I'd just done a white case and bright lights and put Noctua fans in. Well. I've spent a lot of time in iCue, fine tuning the colours as best I can. Waiting for custom PSU cables to arrive and adjusting the loop to be as sleek as possible. I can't afford to change the case right now, but I MAY hydrodip, spray
  4. I'd go for something a little bit more, and something where you can get the extra sata connections you'll need.
  5. I'm going from a 2700X to a 3900XT. Loved my 2700X and its performance has been great. But I want to push harder in games w my 2080ti
  6. I had this EXACT conversation with my girlfriend about 90 seconds before I read this comment and that run is 100% my least favourite part. And unless I swapped radiators is unavoidable. Shorter runs with soft tubing and using a bunch of fittings is truly the wave, longer runs are where soft tubing looks bad. Thank you! I spent a solid 2 hours trying out different fittings in different locations and cutting the tubing by less than 0.5cm in places to try and achieve the runs. I'm really happy it shows in the finished product My fingers ached a lot and I've
  7. Thank you! Colour wise I have managed to get somewhat close with the RGB to Noctua colours but damn is it hard to get a good photo of it on my phone to share
  8. Update: Couldnt fit the vertical bracket and the bottom mounted radiator.
  9. This is the best compliment. I try hard to make soft tubing look good.
  10. The Noctua fans were the first purchase I'm still working out the lighting profile to be more Noctua-esque. Trying to get the colours just right. Also, awaiting Noctua themed PSU cables to arrive from the US. Should be here in a few weeks. I'll post an update once I get it all done for your opinion
  11. Only you can decide if its too big. Its down to your comfortable viewing distance and what else you occupy the desk with. Try to visualise it by making a fake 'screen' out of paper and seeing if you think its too big. As for mounts? Anything half decent on Amazon. I'm rocking a £30 3*monitor stand and its absolutely fine.
  12. I work in Unified Communications but haven't heard this feedback. Let me ask some of the architect guys next week and see what they think.