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  1. They were quick to respond Asus said that as long as the serial numbers are still intact and that the warranty sticker on the back of the card is also intact the warranty is still there. So with Asus cards it doesn't void the warranty if you remove the front stickers from the fans (which it shouldn't). Now I can finally remove the TUF stickers and get some custom ones instead.
  2. Its stickers on the front of the GPU, all they got on them is just an Asus Logo.
  3. Does anyone know if removing the stickers on the GPU fans voids the warranty? Maybe its different from manufacturer to manufacturer, I have an Asus card and would like some custom stickers on the fans instead but I wasnt sure if it would void the warranty, I have contacted Asus but they said it can take up to 72 hours before I get a response.
  4. Im gonna use it to play games, and I was just wondering if it has much better performance than the 3070. Also considering it being more futureproof because of the 12gb ggdr6x ram it has, where as the 3070 only has 8.
  5. Hi So today I was lucky enough to reserve a 3080 TI, currently I have a 3070. I've found a buyer for my 3070 that is willing to pay 950 USD and the 3080 ti I've found is 1400 USD (prices are this high in my country because of limited supply but also because of high tax on everything (Denmark)) I want to be able to play the new battlefield that is coming out at a good graphical setting. My monitor is 1440p, so I need to play games at 1440p as well. In battlefield 5 on high settings with my 3070 I get around 80-90 fps with RTX turned off. So is it worth the upgrade?
  6. I might overclock it at some point, I just like having the option so I went with a k model.
  7. Yes I've made a post about it in the CPU section
  8. Hi My I noticed in task manager that my CPU never dips below 4.65Ghz, it will go higher when im using my pc but whenever its just sitting there it is always at 4.66ghz. I've looked in windows power plan but none of them seem to make a difference so im not sure if they work properly on my system. CPU is i7 10700K and it's not overclocked. Is that normal for the CPU to be running at that speed at all times?
  9. ok but do you know why my clock speed never dips below 4.66ghz? It seems like none of the power settings in windows are responding.
  10. I think its high, I've seen other people go under 30 degrees with this CPU so for mine to average at around 40 with a 360mm rad seems a bit weird.
  11. Hi Is it normal for an i7 10700k that is NOT overclocked to be between 32-45 degrees celsius in idle while running with an Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360mm setup with a push pull config? RPM is around 7-800 and under load the CPU temps goes to around 60-70 degrees celsius. I've noticed that in my task manager my CPU is at all times running at least 4.6ghz, I've tried to change the windows power plan as I was told that would allow the CPU to go lower than 4.6ghz but it always stays there and I think thats part of the reason my CPU idle temps are so high. Is anyone able to help me with this?
  12. already tried with a different monítor and cable and none worked, only the hdmis, ive tried both displayport ports
  13. Hmm what can I do to fix the displayport no signal issue then? I have updated the geforce experince drivers