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  1. I haven't dealt with older motherboards for awhile and moved recently, a lot of small things like that got left behind I do not have another X58/1366 motherboard, though.
  2. Correct, the CPU and motherboard that I am testing are the only 1366 components that I have, meaning I can not test with a different motherboard or CPU, unfortunately. Both's warranties have expired, too.
  3. Hey LTT community, long time no see. I'm really at a loss here. I just bought a used cpu and motherboard off a very trusted seller on eBay and received it today. It will be part of a build that I have not bought the other parts for yet. Upon testing it, a ran into the system not booting and being stuck in a reboot loop. Luckily, reseating the CPU fixed that.. sort of. All parts I am using to test it (everything besides the CPU and Motherboard that I am testing) are confirmed to be working on my other machine minutes before using to test with these two new components.
  4. i'll no longer be using this account any more as of 8/29/15

  5. Remove the corsair and leave just the sails, make the feet less ugly, and you'll have a masterpiece, corsair. Looks better than before atleast
  6. What's up with the orange on the south bridge and mosfet?
  7. It is listed as $33 for me, but the deal has now sold out since I posted this, like I said "act quick"
  8. Edit: deal sold out http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=20-173-098 Wow what a steal. I've got the 64gb version and I love it's small size and fast speed. Some don't like these because they're easily lose able but I like the small size. Shell shocker so act quick ends today or earlier if sold out At $33 it's a great deal http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=20-173-098
  9. will be on these speeds for a few more months, then I am unsure what I will have, could be DSL, could be Fiber
  10. I usually 'don't run on this page' for website links I support
  11. true I am running adblock gonna try turning off edit: yup it's an ad
  12. It literally just moves the page up and down for me, am I missing something? Running chrome that is atleast relatively up to date edit: I am running adblock so EDIT: Thanks Sam It is just an ad that doesn't appear because of my adblock Adblock paused:
  13. Is yours IPS?1080p IPS, 128gb extra ssd, slimness, and lightweightedness is worth the price premium to me.
  14. Well what inputs do you have on your monitor? If only Vga then yea get a hdmi to vga or other vga adapter, a lot of the time gpus come with them though
  15. Yea just try to find the best price in comparison to other models of the same GPU. I would get the 380 as it is an updated model which is always nice to have, and the 2gb vram shouldn't really cause you problems at 1080p, yes maybe a lil in GTA V but not much I don't think. Or you could get a 280x, almost the same performance with a bit more vram (3gb)
  16. I'm sorry, I confused myself. I meant 280X. The 280X or 380 beat out the 960 in gaming benchmarks, here is a 380 vs 960 video:
  17. Well those are the 2gb versions not the 4gb, so I don't think you wanted any of those. Marcelo you are able to google it yourself lol, but I'll do it for you.. It looks like they don't, but you can just look for the same models from websites you normally buy pc parts from in brazil. weird wonder why that doesn't default buy option
  18. There are other sellers who make them, just search it on brazil amazon I also see that
  19. I would recommend the 4gb r9 280 in that case aswell. You can get a molex to 6pin PCI e adapter like this one http://www.amazon.com/HDE-PCI-Express-Pin-Molex/dp/B0086X0KQM
  20. The 4GB 960s don't make much sense to me, and I think many others agree. You pay a $20-$40 price premium to get some more vram that will rarely ever get used, as this is a card designed for 1080p gaming. one second, I'll give you a recommendation edit: Any sub $200 2gb 960 is a better choice, I'm honestly not too sure the Pricepoint king around here, I'm sure others do though. My guess would be any brand's r9 380 under $200 would be the best option Powercolor PCS $180 after MIR http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814131674&cm_re=r9_380-_-14-131-674-_-Product Gi
  21. well I think a lot of them are pretty obvious, and I'm sure lots of them have already been pulled down looks like there are still atleast a few
  22. Very possible, personally do not think that's a great sales method but to each their own.
  23. I kindly request people to look at the price of your item new or better condition from retail, then account for the time your item has been used and how stressed it has been, then set the price accordingly. Your price should never be the same or higher than a retail price of a better condition version of your item. When I say price I mean the sum of price and shipping, as many sellers/retail offer free or cheap shipping. I've noticed a lot of ridiculous prices in the classifieds lately, and I thought I could help shed some light on it, even though myself and many consider this common sens
  24. Welcome, That's actually a very good attempt. Your concerns are pretty much mine, but here's what I think: The 600-700w versions of G2 end up being more expensive (if you're using MIR) and a few hundred watts isn't a bad thing, will keep your PSU on silent mode too The v300 is not a very good SSD, I believe it falls in bad performance and reliability. I'd recommend something like an 850 EVO, as for storage size you'll be able to boot, host most of your files, and probably all your programs on it. Games would have to go on the HDD. The 3TB Seagate is fine, but the failure rate
  25. WOW I remember reading about the move in one of your build logs