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  1. Yep all of the RAM sticks work in slots 1 and 2, while none of them work in the other slots. I have shined a bright LED light into the DIMM slots and everything seems normal. How would you go about testing the CPU? I'm using the H150i Pro AIO from Corsair. I had a little trouble with the backplate they shipped, as when it was fully tightened, it was still loose. A quick Google search shows others with this same issue, so I was far from impressed with Corsair for that. I had to get some rubber washers in order to make the backplate tight. I made sure to torque each of the 4 screws
  2. Hey guys, Hopefully someone can share their opinion with me on an issue im having with my new build. Full specs below. What's happening is, when I populate the 3rd and/or 4th DIMM slot on my motherboard with a RAM module, the board fails to post. The system turns on, then off, then on and does this for a short time, then the DRAM LED on my motherboard remains lit. The system remains powered on, however it doesn't POST. Currently I have the system posting and booting up successfully with RAM installed in the 1st and 2nd DIMM slots. Obviously this means it's o
  3. Nice. Is it overclocked? If it doesnt bottleneck a 2080ti you're golden. Ive always read its not worth upgrading from 4770k to 4790k but maybe thats not true.
  4. No just the middle one. I have either web browsers or temp monitoring software displayed on the left and right. Yeah maybe I should try for more. My temps dont go over 60 degrees C so I have some headroom. Thanks. Ok thanks. I have been just using the presets up until now but I will manually change those settings to see how I go.
  5. Hey guys brand new to the forum and wanted to run something by you all. I have searched before posting this and found some posts which kinda half answered my question but not totally. So here is the deal, I have an overclocked i7 4770k at 4.4ghz, super stable under water. It has been great up until very recently when I bought Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Really love this game but I have noticed for the first time ever that my CPU is actually running at 100% in task manager. From some research it does seem to be an issue with this game and poor optimization however that doesn't change t