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  1. I mean i got it from a local store and there is no return policy unless the product is defective
  2. thanks I should have asked earlier about this card but sadly I bought this today and literally crying after watching the price of rx570.
  3. Yes i know dude but acccording to indian market it is worth a take in India it is cheaper than a gtx 1050 ti and amd cards are not widespread and are more expensive than their real price.
  4. I just wanted to ask if my g4560 will bottleneck my gtx 1650.
  5. Thanks to you and all others who helped me.Is there any friend feature in this forum?
  6. they will add shipping charges for sure I suppose.
  7. Thanks so at the end temperatures are fine enough for me not to worry about it,are'nt they?
  8. I live in India and amd cards are not widespread and moreover rx 570 is more expensive than 1650 in India.I game on 768P lol
  9. thanks for telling me but I had no knowledge about RX570 prior.
  10. will my inno3d gtx 1650 survive for long? ?
  11. No idea about GTX and thanks to all of you who took your precious time in helping me out,
  12. my first GTX card and I am posting for the first time on linus tech tips.Before the I had a gt 1030.
  13. is inno 3d a good brand like zotac or msi?
  14. I brought one inno 3d gtx 1650 and its temperature are around 82c max while playing witcher 3 at maxed out settings.Is it safe?