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  1. Hello currently I have a B-450 thomahawk motherboard and I am planning on upgrading my graphics card to the new 3080 or 3090. My question is do I need to upgrade into the B550 or 570 or can I still use my current motherboard.
  2. So since i have finally upgraded my computer i am looking to upgrade my monitor considering I'm playing on a old 1080 60hz monitor atm. My budget as mentioned is anywhere from 400-600$ USD, i mostly play MMO's while the occasional shooter COD, and Apex. i am looking maybe to play more competitive later on so just kind of want to see wat ppl suggest for 1080p monitors. However as i mentioned i most play MMOS so i was looking at 1440ps monitor and reviewed the rtings website as well as videos and reviews from other sources and it seem like Asus Tuff is the way to go or the new Asus mo
  3. Okay figured just wanted to double check. Thank you
  4. So I recently built a new PC and wanted to use my old HDD from my previous build. However after installing windows and formatting it erased all of my data on that drive. I know it’s a long shot or dumb question but is there any way or third party programs to try and recover the data on that drive??
  5. I didn’t see any extra. I have the 80+ Bronze idk if that makes a difference. And thank you for the link
  6. Sapphire nitro + is another great candidate.
  7. So i recently upgraded my PC and decided to use my power supply from my old build. It’s a Corsair TX 750M. Forgetting that it’s only semi modular i realized I didn’t have enough SATA ports mostly for my RGB fans. So I was wondering are Molex to SATA cables viable? I’ve read some forms and posts about how using Molex to Sata can wipe ur memory and just being a bad experience. Just wondering if anyone here has done it or their experience.
  8. I am currently building my new rig and picked up the Mean It 5pm Case. I picked up the Corsair H100i platinum RGB liquid cooler as well as 3 other fans 120mm each. So I was wondering if people who have the case if you mounted the liquid cooler on top or in front and wat kind of set up do u have: either push-pull or pull-push. Also any suggestions are welcome thank you
  9. Mostly would be Apex legends, COD, BFV, FFXIV and some RPGs here and there but mostly shooters and MMO
  10. I was wondering if people who have a AMD graphics card and streams what their experience is like. I’ve read that it can be possible with some tweaks here and there but ultimately if I wanted to stream Nvidia was the safer way to go. My goal is too stream on 1440p and I currently use OBS.
  11. So don't know if this has been answered but, is i wondering i do plan to stream content in 1440p most likely and looking into the sapphire Nitro +. Guess my question is if i do decided to go AMD route in GPU, has anyone experienced issues with these cards or any drops in frames and such things.