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  1. I recently bought a pair of sennheiser 4.50 btnc and have been trying to get them to work fully with my xbox I am currently been using a turtle beach chat adapter and I can get audio through them but cannot speak I was wondering if I should buy a 2.5x3.5 replacement cable with a Inline mic Any help?
  2. Would it be possible to just buy a 2.5x3.5 with 4 pins
  3. Yeah it does look like that but the headphones have an inbuilt mic but it might only work with bluetooth
  4. I recently purchased Sennhieser HD 4.50 btnc headphones and I'm so far enjoying them. But I tried connect them to my Xbox with the 2.5x3.5 cable but I didn't get the audio or the mic to actually do anything and I was wondering if I was doing anything wrong, if I needed an adaptor or I wouldn't work altogether