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  1. Hmm it makes sense. If gaming and digital content creation are not really in dire need of higher resolution then the only major "segment" is text processing (e.g. coding). In that case it would be understandable if the manufacturers are not pushing hard for this. To be honest I'm not eager to shed thousands of dollars for sharper text when 4k is alright ... but it would be nice. I just thought that the technology would catch up by now and even have time for prices to drop to reasonable levels. I read somewhere about someone using the Dell 8k monitor for text processing / coding and
  2. I know there is the 8k Dell monitor from 3 (!!!) years ago and the apple (not usable by mortals) 6k display and a couple of 5k displays on the market but I thought by now more variety of 4k+ resolutions/displays would exist. I know that for gaming even 4k is still a bit too much but for work I'd think there are plenty of people that would like to switch to something packed with more pixels. I bought a couple of 4k/27'' LG monitors a few years ago and I have to say, switching to anything less (e.g. 1440p) feels like a huge downgrade. For reading text/code they are really great. I still think th
  3. I see. It looks like the only option is a new MB. Thanks!
  4. I understand this. I won't try the first thing on the internet immediately. I'm using this as a chance to learn something new. No need to guide me through it yourself. Just not sure where to begin (google didn't yield useful results). Thanks anyway!
  5. Maybe but I would like to read about it and maybe try it. Could you point me to guides / resources on the topic?
  6. I bought 7600k a while ago and up to this point I haven't taken advantage of its overclocking capabilities. My motherboard is Asrock H270m performance. I couldn't find settings in the BIOS to overclock it and I didn't have much success with the desktop tool (intel extreme tuning utility ?). I have never overclocked anything. After a bit of googling I was led to believe that this motherboard does not support CPU overclocking. So I need a bit of help: - Is this true? Is the motherboard not capable of overclocking the CPU? Is it a matter of updating the BIOS? - Can anything be done to o