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  1. I'm running the Ryzen 2700 on the Crosshair VII on BIOS version 1201, might be a dumb question but should i upgrade to the newest BIOS version since it's for 3rd gen and 1201 was the most stable with RAM overclocking?
  2. So i just bought a new 4TB HDD to replace my 1TB drive and want to use my 970 Evo Plus NVMe as HDD cache with Primocache. I'm looking for an easy to use and free software to transfer everything in both my NVMe and current HDD to my 4TB drive, then use Primocache to accelerate the 4TB drive with the 970 EVO. Any advice is welcome, thanks guys!
  3. The Toshiba N300 is 151CAD while the Seagate is 99CAD, is it worth the extra 50 Canadian bones?
  4. Forgot to mention i already have a 970 evo plus, but it's a 500gb so i don't put a lot of stuff on it, i'm also thinking about using Ramcache.
  5. I'm in need of a bigger storage device, i currently own a WD blue 1TB which i will hand to my GF, need something around 2-3TB but looking at a 4TB Seagate Barracuda compute for 99CAD, but it's a 5400RPM with 256mb of cache, wonder what is the fastest HDD between that and a 7200rpm drive with 64mb of cache? I'm mostly gaming with that PC.
  6. Reset CMOS, connect GPU power and HDMI cable to the GPU, the 3600 doesnt have video support. It may be as stupid as video output set on the motherboard by default and not on auto...
  7. Whats is that particualr GPU, usually RX580 run around 65-75 degrees, i had mine running at 70-75 with increased fans speed, when i changed my cheap AZZA case for a CM H500 the fans were running slower and the GPU sits at around 60-65 degrees. Airflow make a HUGE difference in GPU temp.
  8. What is you particualr model? 1ms TN panels usually get around 3ms in real world testing, i doubt any 4ms VA panels can get better then 6-7ms. TN panel are still the faster panels available, i will stick to my TN panels for FPS gaming, other then that IPS an VA panels are better depending of what you want \ need.
  9. That is not true at all, TN panel have the fastest reponse time, VA panel struggle to get more then 10ms response time, IPS can get as low as 4ms and the cheap TN panel can get 1ms (3ms in reality) which is really what matter in E-Sport titles. The 8400 will be the bottleneck here BUT most people don't see any difference between 75 and 120FPS anyway sooooo yeah, if you want to extra frames get something with more cores even if single core speed is still important, multicore is also a thing for 1% lows. I've seen a 10% increase going from a R5 2400G with an RX580 to an R7 2700, whe
  10. First gen Ryzen's are known to have issues with memory speed, maybe you could look to update the bios of you board to the latest BEFORE it was updated for Ryzen second gen.
  11. just like they did with the RX580 to the RX 590, just a refined die i guess...
  12. Also i can get the Logitech G935 for around 170CAD and the virtuoso is something around 260CAD, is it worth the extra 90$?
  13. RF vs Bluetooth whats the difference?
  14. So i'm looking at all these wireless headphones reviews, and they seem to be pretty much mixed in which is the best... So what's you thoughts on this? Best for less then 100$? Best under 150$? Best under 200$? Best of them all? Logitech seems to be good, but not sure if there is any better options out there. I mostly play FPS games, so i guess surround accuracy is the most important thing, i would like to have that feature that turn mic off when you turn it into vertical position but it's not a must. Thanks for the advices.