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  1. The comparison doesn’t show much, I can’t find where it’s just 3090s.
  2. My Strix OC is getting around 21,740 on the graphics score.
  3. What’s considered a good graphics score for a 3080/3090 in Timespy? looking to make comparisons but can’t seem to be able to find any? Specifically for air cooled cards only.
  4. Leaks show that the 6800XT is beating the 3090. Apparently there’s a 6900XT too We’ll find out soon!
  5. I’ll find out on Monday when I get my monitor and install
  6. Going off the guy that installed & ran Crysis from his GPU, I think, finally, we can answer Yes That or my GPU is going to melt. Oooofff, I may try this 9900K @ 5GHz All Core Locked + Custom Loop Cooling 32GB Corsair Vengeance Pro 3200MHz DDR4 2.5TB M.2 NVMe 970 EVO Plus Corsair AXi 1200W Platinum PSU ASUS MAXIMUS XI Formula Mobo with Water Cooling Corsair 1000D Case x13 Fans (10x 120mm, 3x 140mm) Monitor: ASUS PG259QN Lenovo Y27gq ASUS PG27UQ K&M =
  7. Hi everyone, so today, what I thought was impossible happened, I got my Nvidia/ASUS 3090 Strix OC! Out of all the cards, this one was the one I really wanted, because I’m looking to squeeze out every bit of performance from this. I’ll be doing a full review later, with a accompanying video. This will be around Monday/Tuesday time. Until them, I wanted to ask if anyone had any requests for certain benchmarks/games, or any questions about the card. I’m just really excited to get this installed & ready to go! Feel free t
  8. It’s already out here in the UK. I’ve got one on pre-order for the 19th October since they went out of stock pretty fast, so I’m due in the next batch. I’ll do a video review when I get it.
  9. 1440p 120/144Hz is the best balance when it comes to finding middle ground.
  10. LG CX 48” is what I would go for tbh, Is there any way you can get it from Amazon/USA? Has to be a way! Or C9 55” if it’s not too big. You can get monitors bigger, but no where near the picture quality.
  11. Early Review of this: https://www.pcmag.com/reviews/asus-rog-swift-360hz-pg259qn
  12. I game very little. But when I do game, I’d rather have the best experience possible. It’s not my job that I need to get paid. People who own Hypercars and Supercars aren’t always racing drivers / F1 drivers. But they get to enjoy them, make use of them & if they want, track them. I reached #1 worldwide ranked in my favourite game, I am able to compete at a high level when I do play. But smoother picture is smoother picture, so your point doesn’t need to hold true. Gaming isn’t that serious that I need to be a eSports Pr
  13. No idea what you’re rambling about. I for one easily saw the difference in 144 & 240. Going back to 120/144 is a no go, just like it’s jarring from 120/144 to go back to 60. It’s the same for me. I notice small differences, details, my eyes track motion very well. So if there’s a 50% boost to frames and a +4% benefit to be had, then it’s worth spending the money on the best. I have the income to be able to do that, it’s not like I’m going out of my way to suffer to have it on my desk. It’s hardware, it’s something new, I
  14. It’s not going to be my only display. I have a LG OLED 120Hz for everything that needs eye candy. For MP, 1080p is enough to keep graphics settings high & hit the 360Hz.
  15. I don’t get your negativity, but, You’ve made your point already & its getting boring now. You don’t see the point, fair enough you do you. Same here. I’m excited for progress. I’m excited for something new, a worlds first. Being really surprised at how much of a difference there is in 144 & 240Hz - I can’t wait to go up another 50% !!
  16. OLED probably not happening, MicroLED probably within 5 years.
  17. What?? Like I said, 2080 Ti, easily with the right settings get to 360+ at 1080p... I will be taking full advanatge of this monitor for sure. In a few weeks when I have it, I'll do a video with my thoughts, I'm sure many other reviewers will too. Each one said it was smoother, clearer to the eye than even 240Hz, from the few videos of this back in CES 2020. "I took an early Asus 360Hz monitor for a whirl at the Las Vegas show in January—which feels like a strange dream at this point in 2020—and I can confirm the refresh
  18. I pay £18 per month for 105GB of data, So that’s just over 17p per GB, if my math is correct, Which is 16.60 Ir per GB.
  19. Was my first ever Lenovo product, It was a solid, well built monitor, no issues with performance and imo, currently one of the best monitors you can buy. Idk where you’re based, but in the UK, it’s risk free to try pretty much any product bought online, however I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. So they say but in the real world, there is still a difference. My experience, countless videos showing performance improved, Nvidia’s research and yeah ok, a +4 difference might not be huge even if they spin it as Olympics was +1% of a difference betwe